NCR Big Brute...Stuck the landing

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Hey, the perfect one point landing!:roll: Any damage? Doesn't look like much if any in the picture...
the NC pushed back up into the BT about 5 Inches. nothing some spare 4" tube an exacto and a tube coupler cant fix.
I can't believe companies other than Mercury Engineering aren't turning out more large mid-power kits like this, i.e., the Mercury Integrator and RDR-I & II. Lately the NCR kits are selling like hotcakes on Ebay for BIG MONEY.

I picked up a built Phantom 4000HD for $10 off a Flown it once on a G78, tangled chute, flat landing, no damage.
The Judges Scoring:

5.7 5.6 5.4 5.6 5.1(The Russian Judge) 5.5
Been there, done that, a few times! My dad's Brute has been around forever, at least 5-6 years. First flight attempt on an F22J (I know, bad idea), lawn darted sideways and ripped it apart. It has repaired a few times, including an entirely new tube. Those fins are rock solid though...

I believe the rocket has 25 flights or so. Great design!