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Jan 9, 2004
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I just had to mention something about our launch Saturday. Northern Colorado Rocketry (NCR) had a great day. We had 2 L1 certs, 1 L2 cert and 3 L3 cert attempts (2 successful). It was a great day for everyone.

We also had one team complete the Mars Lander Challenge - on their first try! I was impressed.

On the L3 certs, congrats to Ken Swank and Steve Mashburn (TRA prefect, and no he didn't sign his own sheet :) )

Condolences to Mike Bennett :( Dang forward closures.

Ken Swank flew his L3 attempt to about 5K first for a great flight. He used an AMW case and White Wolf propellant.

Next was Mike Bennett on his minimum diameter rocket with a AMW Red Rhino combo. His was about 3k up when the forward closure let go and decided to create some confetti. :( A sad moment. He recovered the nosecone, electronics but his chute floated away on a thermal. His fincan with the casing came down about 10 feet from a pad with a warning buzzzzzz and whump.

Last was Steve Mashburns L3 on an AMW 1480 RR. A nice flight to 4800 and some whistling. Congrats.

Chips Anderson certed L1/L2 same rocket with an H153 and J285 - Congrats!

All in all we had a great day and it was fun to watch all the rockets go off.

Originally posted by edwardw
We also had one team complete the Mars Lander Challenge - on their first try! I was impressed.


Awe man...I'd love to see pictures of that setup! Have any teams posted pictures of their projects or attempts?
I didn't get any pictures but I'll do my best to explain. They had a regular booster that then fit into their payload bay. The payload bay was a good 6" in diameter. To get their lander out they had a remote control hooked to some compressed air cylinders. Above that they had a big G10 piston. Their little car was above the G10 piston trapped between 4 PVC struts. When activated the nosecone and car came flying out and they drove the car out of the cage. It was pretty sweet!