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Nazi rocket

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Dec 25, 2013
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Show me what type of nazi BUILT rockets you have for sale

V-2. V-1. Fake wulf. Etc. if it's cool I am interested
No offense- but i'm a little creeped out by this post.
Show me what type of nazi BUILT rockets you have for sale

V-2. V-1. Fake wulf. Etc. if it's cool I am interested

You're likely going to get a more positive response if you dropped the word "nazi" and replaced it with "WWII German themed rocket", in both the title and your post. That is if you are serious about getting a response and not offending anyone.
I don't have any rockets for sale, sorry.
I can't see why the word "Nazi" is offense or creepy or anything else besides historic.
OP has been a member since Xmas 2013 with a total of 25 posts.
My take on this is he learns from reading topics of interests and doesn't contribute much.
Something I myself did for about a year before I signed up.
Its offensive to those that lost family members to the horrendous death toll fostered by the nazi regime prior to and during WW II ( total of 11 million individuals). A little historic knowledge gained about the concentration camps (death camps), the Nuremburg trials, the controversy in the USA during the 1950s pertaining to the immigration of Von Braun and nazi scientists, and the thousands of lives lost in England due to the launching of the V 1 and V 2 missiles might be enlightening.

Fred, L2
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Camden, SC
Not all concentration camps were extermination camps (death camps), so maybe a history lesson IS in order. Some were "rehabilitation centers", some held POWs,

I saw years ago on TV one team wasn't allowed to fly their V2 because it might offend someone. That is just stupid. USA wasn't allowed to put a mushroom cloud on a stamp because it might offend someone (to commemorate the anniversary of the end of the war) But we still have Mitsubishis on our highways, and Muslim flags flying. That kind of stuff....

To the OP, what kind of price are you looking at. I have a 2.6" fiberglass V2 I could let go, but it's not painted. And I would have to by another so..
Just a note here, since I'm the one that started stuff. I'm not offended by V2s in general (we have 5 at our house), it's more just the way it was presented. "Sell me your nazi rockets!" makes me envision some sort of white power, missing a few brain cells, type person who's looking for something to go next to their swastika flag.

@Duke58th- I'm not insinuating that you are one of these people- it's just an unfortunate way to express interest in WW2 german designs.

That being said- has anyone ever made a V1 clone? I would think based on the design that it'd be pretty unstable, but maybe I'm missing something.
Did I ever mention that I worked for a Nazi? I don't mean a jerk, I mean a real Nazi. When I was in the USAF I was assigned to a medical research lab (not as creepy or exciting as it sounds) and the civilian in charge of our section was an older man with a very thick German accent. He also liked to wear leather trench coats (seriously). Anyway, years later I looked him up online and found that he was one of the German scientists, like von Braun, who was brought over to the U.S. after having his history scrubbed of certain information that would have kept him out of this country. This was called Operation Paperclip. Anyway, 75% of the people brought in under this program were Nazis. I'm guessing he was in the majority, but didn't see anything that specifically said that. He was 3 levels up in our management chain and I rarely saw him.
This took a sharp turn away from someone wanting a rocket or two, to a discussion that is verging on political.

Yes, some people may be offended by the use of the word "Nazi", but, if you do not refer to that group of people by that specific name, then you are misrepresenting who and what they are/were.
Yes, the name invokes sickening thoughts and pictures, it should be just that way; but it is still a description of a culture and people.
My grandparents left the old country to avoid the Nazi's. I don't own any V-1s, V-2s or anything else Nazi.

Offensive? Hell yes.

I vote the thread be closed. It serves no good purpose for most. Perhaps I have thin skin....
Get over it already. The person who was offended by the word used it twice in the same post saying how offended he was by it. It's history. I would hazard a guess that over half the members here own something German or Japanese that has a dark company history behind it (VW Mitsubishi Krups Fuji etc) never mind the fact that the US has a dark history of committing atrocities as well we're just brainwashed into thinking we are always the good guys.
How many threads are created on upscaling the the Der Red Max?
Holy ****. Just show me any cool German rocketry or imaginary rocketry from 1939-1945 or luft 46 themed. 13 years those jackass changed the world we all live in mostly for the better. All I want is to see some cool built rockets that might be above my building skills.
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What is this trolling? I like cool rockets. I like to buy cool rockets. If the are priced fairly I usually buy.
Well mine is nothing pretty to look at, so no need for me to post a pic. It was painted and I tried the oh glorious future floor polish (am I allowed to say polish, wouldn't want to offend any Poles...or Germans for that matter) and that was a mistake. I ended up stripping it down to bare glass. It flew once on am too small motor - I can't get the sims right - and it flew in a low arc. Had a (fairly) high speed deployment but wasn't damaged at all. And now I just talked myself out if selling it. Lol.

Good luck.
My grandparents left the old country to avoid the Nazi's. I don't own any V-1s, V-2s or anything else Nazi.

Offensive? Hell yes.

I vote the thread be closed. It serves no good purpose for most. Perhaps I have thin skin....

My grandparents stayed and fought them, with my grandfather scoring 2.5 kills against Nazi fighter planes. Anyone who lived through that era, when you talk to them you can tell that the war shaped their entire lives. Were the Nazis on the wrong side of history? Of course! That doesn't stop me from flying my Bf-109 RC foamy or having a V-2 kit in the build pile. These are historically significant machines, but that's all they are, inanimate objects. These machines don't agree with Nazi ideals, no one flying them today agrees with Nazi ideals, get over yourself already.