Nautilus III (3D Rocketry) Build

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I missed this build thread when it was first begun and only discovered it yesterday while searching Google Images.

That is a fantastic rocket with a fantastic paint job by one heck of a builder! Sascha, you have no idea how happy it makes me to see that you, 10,000 miles from Texas, value the qualities of my little device! You made my day. Thanks so much for posting and allowing yours truly to share a small part in your fine craftsmanship. :D

Ted Macklin

Finished ?? No just fins!

I filled the fins with Tamiya Putty and once dry gave a light sanding with 180 grit paper followed by a good solid go with 400 grit.
View attachment 111918

With the fins sanded down, I turned to my favourite new tool, Ted's guillotine fin jig. Working on one fin at a time, I mixed only enough epoxy to make a bead along the root edge of the fin. With epoxy applied, each fin was dropped into its slot and aligned in the jig.
View attachment 111919

The process was repeated for each fin.
View attachment 111920

And before your very eyes - 3 fins attached!!
View attachment 111921 View attachment 111922

Nice :)

Next job is to work on internal fillets.