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Feb 19, 2009
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OK, just saw Derrick Henry show up in the stadium with his hair in a beehive--with the blonde-white highlights; joking around with the team. Jeez what a showboater! Would Bear Bryant allow this crap?! This whole Alabama program needs to be knocked down a few notches.

Peyton Manning being interviewed in the booth. Now there is a class act!
What is it with Alabama players and the dreadlocks?

And to boot went from a sex predator (with Saban's daughter as the target) to a known public drunkard as their offensive coordinator.
Even worse, Saban's greed. He takes down over $7M a year. Sarkasian about $36,000:

He is not unique on this. In 39 states the highest paid public employee is either a football or basketball coach. Saban is the highest at 7.09M, Harbaugh next at 7.00M...

Nevada has the highest paid non-coach public employee. A surgeon that basically runs their university transplant center, he makes about 970k...good money, but who do you really want more in your community? Reminds me of a quote "Don't tell me what you value. Show me what you spend your money on, and I'll know what you value."

Congrats to the below states for not having a coach be the highest paid public employee:
New Hampshire
New York
North Dakota
South Dakota

Of course, I have to admit to my own alma mater's spending on a coach. Coach K brought down about 9.7M last year...:shock:
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I personally was a little happy to see Alabama lose. In the state of Alabama, college football is religion! And you're either an Auburn fan or an Alabama fan, all other state schools are minor players by comparison. I'm a lifelong Notre Dame fan, and even though I've seen quite a few ND bumper stickers on vehicles with Alabama plates, it ain't easy being green! Especially being an Irish fan in the SEC! Of course this year, being an Irish fan wasn't easy regardless of where you live. :(
My alma mater is a division III school where they have a real playoff for the national champion - 32 teams. They lost in the second round, but still much more exciting than the 4 team silliness.
I was too busy with the City Council Meeting to watch the game and when I came home I poured a glass of whiskey, then played cribbage for an hour or so. The National Championship football game has never been high on my list of things to watch.