National Astronomy Day - Clay Center Observatory, Brookline, MA

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Jan 17, 2009
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FlisKits will be participating at the Clay Center Observatory Astronomy Day event tomorrow (Saturday, May 9th), rain or shine.

Doors open at 4:30 pm, but out door activities (including a rocket launch!) begin at 3:00 pm. The indoor exhibits run till 8:30 pm but the telescopes will be set up and available outside till 10:00 pm

We have 3 launches scheduled throughout the day, kite flying, the RE/MAX balloon and telescopes galore!

If you live in the Boston area you should really consider stopping in and taking advantage of the fun, classes, exhibits and vendors.

Hope to see you there!
Well, it's been a busy weekend. Astronomy day, Mothers Day and the beginning of a new Boys & Girls Club session (more on that in another thread)

Astronomy day was INCREDIBLE! I didn't get a chance to participate in any of the activities as my booth was always packed with folks. Many times 12+ deep.

We began the day with a launch (two actually, with about 8 models in each, 45 min apart) that ended around the time that the indoor booths were slated to open.

We had nearly 150 adults and kids watch the launch and they simply LOVED it. Loud cheers and anxious faces turned skyward.

As I was cleaning up from the launch dozens of parents and kids milled around asking questions.

I also got to see many come to the booth and comment about the models they saw flying, with the Decaffeinator taking the prize as the most fun to watch of all the models flown :)

This one boy (see pix, blue shirt) was most interested in the micro models as well as one or two of the more complex regular kits (skill level 3 stuff). I cautioned him about the complexity as I wanted to be sure he would have good success and not get frustrated with the hobby. He was very confident that he could handle it. Shortly after his father appeared and I also cautioned him as the boy was just 12. He assured me that he builds stick aircraft with skins from scratch (cutting his own spars and ribs, etc) and has built 3-4 that way and is well versed in the use of power and cutting tools.

What a lucky boy is all I could think. So he went away happy with two fairly complex kits which I am sure will bring him back for more.

It was a good day and a wonderful way to meet teachers and youth group leaders as well as impressionable kids!