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Jan 20, 2009
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Hey gang,

I just mailled off the data package for my NARTREK gold level. I'm just curious about how many others are working on the program. I had a blast working my way through the first two levels. Even though the requirements seemed easy, some of them proved to be quite challenging. I required three seperate designs to get through the gold level (tragic recovery problems...).

If you haven't thought about trying it out, I would highly recommend it. Check out the NAR website for info!
I think it's great. For a bar to go through the ropes and learn, and have the fun of success (eventually) has been an experiance. I just finished the cp calculations (by hand, don't ask) and I'm preparing to do the drag numbers, and gold here I come! I can't wait for avanced levels.
Just a quickie note about the poll - there's no selection for those "interested in NARTREK" or "looks good, I think I'll try it." ie - if I haven't earned an achievement level, I can't really vote since I would be interested in NARTREK but don't currently possess an achievement.

Looks interesting. I think I may just look into it further.
Originally posted by eugenefl
Just a quickie note about the poll - there's no selection for those "interested in NARTREK" or "looks good, I think I'll try it." ie - if I haven't earned an achievement level, I can't really vote since I would be interested in NARTREK but don't currently possess an achievement.

I am in the same boat.... I started the bronze level a while ago, just need to finish it up.........
Forr the UKRA equivalent you have to fulfill a numer of challenges to get the level, ie cluster, multi-stage etc. I'd like to do it but you can only fly one challenge a day, I'm not sure if my club can pass people, if not it might take a long time to get anywhere.
Nartrek has been great fun! Finished my gold level in 1992 with my Goldie-DX below..Since than completed PMC and Ground support. I've done most of the work for several of the others just never completed the paperwork.
I finished my Bronze... over a year ago. I've just been too lazy to send in all the stuff. Maybe I'll do it when my son gets his streamer duration complete and we cna do it together.
Sorry about forgetting the "not yet bronze, but I'm working on it..." choice. I've e-mailled the forum moderator and asked to have that one added to the poll!
I decided to go through the Nartrek Rocket Skills program when I discovered I was a shameless BAR. Its a great way to harness the runaway desire to build and fly everything this week! More, more, higher, higher, NOW!! Some of us need the structure.:rolleyes: My son is stoked about the Nartrek Cadet Program and has just completed his Mercury level and can't wait to go on past Gemini and finish EVERYTHING this week and launch everything ever made next week! Like I said, some of us need the structure.:) And now, the little daughter wants to do the same. The Cadet program is free to review and try if you want to download and check it out from the NAR site and doesn't require membership in NAR to participate.

Rocket life is good.

Da Dog:cool: :D
Got my Gold level award today! According to the note enclosed, I was the first in several years to use the drop streamer method successfully! Primarily I used it because San Diego DART launches on an island and I didn't want the possibility of a water landing for my altimeter... I've attached a photo of my gold level rocket (I hope...this is my first attachment here...)

Interesting timing. I am teaching a class of 100 students (4th graders) this afternoon and I will be bringing up information about NARTREK and NARTREK Cadet programs.

I know it's a lot of work and it feels good to make continuing accomplishments :)
The cool thing about this program is that anyone can participate without having to fuss over regulatory issues. This program certainly adds another dimension to this hobby. I had no idea the program existed until a few months ago when I stumbled across it in the Handbook. Additionally, I imagine there is a certain amount of work involved in achieving the Gold level therefor adding a degree of bragging rights to any rocketeer. Well, maybe I'll have to round up the fellow rocketeer buddies and work on NARTREK together. (Individual achievements, but kinda support one another type thing.)
If you can get a few buds together, it's a real blast working through the levels:D
You'd be amazed at just how difficult it is to get that 30sec streamer and 60sec P/D when your really trying. I have several BTC's just now getting into Nartrek, It's halarious to watch these National and International competitors fail to get the alloted time with a kit model. Doing the levels togather, young and old really is a fun build and fly day.

The patches are fairly small canted triangles sort of in the shape of the Nartrek logo. I believe the stitching is the color of the level.
Thanks for the congrats guys. I've encouraged a few friends to work on the program, as well as my daughter in the Cadet program...she's working on her first level still, but hanging in there!
I've been wanting to do NARTREK for quite some time now. It's hard to do without access to a local field though. I could try to do them all at one launch, but when you travel to a launch, and want to try the duration requirements, and the wind is 10mph+, it's kind of discouraging. I plan to find a local field soon, so I can work on it.

I did my entire Bronze at one launch and all of my Silvers at another. I had a dickens of a time with my durations... I used three matching Custom Rockets Venture kits for PD (drag raced 'em...and lost one into the San Diego Bay). Estes Vikings for SD. A Launch Pad Anubis for the "D or Larger". An Estes Echostar for staged and for payload with an altimeter. For cluster, a VB Lil' Wild Thing and a VB Buzzard for BG. Last, but not least, a Estes Black Brant II for scale.

If you can collect the kits together, it's not all too difficult to get through a level at a single launch if you are prepared. I might suggest building multiples of the small PD and SD kits, just in case...
I must a built a million Estes stardarts and sizzlers for my durations (walmart had 2 packs for 8.88!) I had no access to a large field. I kept losing them! Once I got them high enough, I thought I was in there..But you gotta recover. Thankfully I got to hit NARAM 45 and finished bronze and silver there.

For glide I used an Edmonds Delti (after realizing my Ci Ci was NARTREK illegal).

My payloader was a Quest Zenith 2 with a 28 gram nar payload.

I built a scratch built 3 A103-T little guy for cluster.

For scale I did two Nuebauer minis, a saturn 1b and a gemini titan. I sent the paper work on the titan 'case it flew better. I added all the surface detail I could (Thanks Peter Alway) and custom decals (thanks Tango Papa).The styrene I added made the saturn a little too heavy, hence the titan choice. The saturn was prettier though....

For D I sent in an Estes Dude, and my Estes V2. I got laughed at for the dude I think. We launched three of them at once though. It was really funny.
Our club prez is a big Nartrek fan, as are many members. He is in the Advanced mode as he has about 5 patches so far. Personally, it's not my forte', nor do I care to participate at this time. Everything you need to do for bronze thru gold I have had the pleasure of already doing, I just didn't get a patch for it which is fine by me. For those that like it, it;s a great thing and good accomplishment!

Oh, and I have helped those trying by being a "timer"...that was fun.

as of 2/28 our club (the Roving Rocketeers) represents 100% of the nartrek silver!
i finally had a few spare moments!
here's a pic of my Nartrek Bronze fleet:
and of my silver fleet:

i'll post pictures of my gold after i design it!
This sounds like a fun program. I might have to try the free bronze packet. I have a couple little birds I can try for PD/SD and such. Thanks for posting about it, and conrgats for getting gold!
The program is great. I'm still working on it. Since the last time this thread popped up I have completed Gold and three advanced levels. I have a fourth done I need to finish up (the paper work) and send off. I hope to finish up all of them in the next year or two. It's tough with my jobs...
I recently finished my Bronze level and am eager to work on some rockets for Silver during Christmas break.
Many of the kids in my after-school club achieve their Cadet Mercury level at our first launch each year. I have one who's completed his Apollo and 4 or 5 who might complete it at our spring launch. John Arthur ( gives away free kits to kids completing their Cadet levels. He even sends them to Canada at no charge! It's a big incentive to my kids.
I'm about through with Silver, but need someone to judge my scale entry. I'd like a person who possess some "constructive dissatisfaction", but short of that might have a friend at work, or my wife evaluate my scale technique.

I really like the NARTREK tracks and really wish I could inspire more people, locally, to follow it towards their development.
I have told myself that I would finish the Bronze level for something like 3 years now. Just never got around to doing it. This year I have my Wife pushing me to finish it. I think I will keep her. ;)