NARAM Thursday


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Jan 13, 2004
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I didnt take many pictures today.
Today started off raining, not pouring, but a pretty good rain.
After all that waiting I couldnt hold back and loaded up a G35 in the Aerotech Strong arm I bought from WRX03 on the forum here.

There was no wind so we set the pad straight up.

She roared off the pad right into the jet stream. I'm glad I took a picture...

I was able to find it later that day...dangling...taunting...50 feet or so from a tree top.

I will be able to get it back and my (motor casing). I dont think that elastic will last too long. And on a good note, I can head over when NOVAAR is launching to get it back.

I didnt have my camera with me after my rocket hunt, so I missed getting a picture of an incredible looking rocket called "Vigilante". It was red white and blue and had this incredible looking tube/fin configuration on the side. SOMEONE PLEASE PUT UP A PICTURE IF YOU HAVE ONE! (maybe got it???)

After loosing the StrongArm, I decided against trying to go for level one. Right now it doesnt look like I will be going back tomorrow.

Here is the take you see it...
You know the rest of the saying...



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Dec 13, 2009
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Great shot! Sorry to hear about the tree, but at least you might get it back. I love my Strong Arm! Beautiful on an F52-5. Tops over at apogee, and pops the nose! Great combo! Hopefully you'll get to fly it soon...