NARAM-65 has been announced

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Jan 18, 2009
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NARAM-65 will be held August 3 through 9, 2024.

The location will be the Hudson Ranch site which supported NSL 2013, NARAMs -52, -56 and -60.

Waiver to 12K feet AGL.

I won't list the NRC events to be flown as they have already been posted.

The additional events will be:

C Superroc Duration

Precision Fragile Payload

Giant Sport Scale

The Sport Range will be open all seven days.

In addition, the FAI Team Selection Flyoffs will be August 3 and 4.

You better start building now. ;)
Is there a schedule posted for NARAM-65? Also, which hotel will things like the awards ceremonies and such be held at?
No schedule yet.

The hotel will be the Courtyard Pueblo Downtown
110 W. City Center Dr.
Pueblo, CO 81003

Same hotel as NARAMs 56 and 60