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Jan 17, 2009
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NARAM-46 is exactly a month away (tomorrow!) so who's going?

I'm pre-registered (saved $20 by sending it in today!).

I'll be staying in Williamsburg, VA a few hours away.

Anybody know if there is a Rent-a-Wreck so I can leave my wife the car?

I am in the final negotiation stages with the CFO (wife) over NARAM. I will only be attending a few days (most prob Saturday and Sunday) a this will be a combined Washington Vaca and NARAM.

I have pre-registered, and reserved a room at te Manassas Holiday Inn.

BTW: Sandman, Williamsburg is a VERY nice place... too far away for me though.

Oh, me, me, me! I'm going... Hopefully, I'll be bringing a completed LJII for sport scale, among other competition models. I will also bring some sport models, maybe your upscale Constellation. Hope to have room in the car for my a couple hi-power PML rockets, too. Can't wait! I'm staying in the Holiday Inn. :)

Looks Like the family and I will also be there! Like astronboy, we're
turning this into a vacation trip to DC that we've talked about for many years.

We'll be at the Holiday Inn.

Looking forward to it!
I'll be there from Friday, July 30 through Saturday morning, August 7. I'll also be staying at the Manasas Holiday Inn. I haven't made my flight arrangements yet however. So many rockets to built, so little time!
I started packing for NARAM...I know a month away yet and before you even say it, Carl.

I suck!

What to bring, what to bring???:confused:

Better...what to leave home, what to leave home?

Maybe I could rent a trailer????

Oh yeah, I will be away for the res of the holiday guys, back on Tuesday!!

Biy, I responded to the wrong thread!! Sorry...

That is what I get for having multiple windows going on TRF all at once!!

Yes, what to bring.... As my NARAM visit will be a part of a 'real' vacation (asmy wife puts it), and the fact that we will be driving the Mini... I may be limited to a small range box, and a Xerox paper box of small rockets. If so, these will be the Goonys.
I'll be there all week, I think. Staying at the Holiday Inn. Driving out from MN, doing some college tours on the way.

Flew the boiler plate of my hoped-for PMC entry today, with less than perfect results. So much to do, so little time...

Kathy and I will be there for the whole week with the FlisKits booth. We're hoping to announce one new rocket kit along with some new parts and accessories :)

FlisKits is also sponsoring the A Division Championships along with many raffle donations.

Come on out, if you can, even if only for the weekend. It's going to be a great time and a whole lot of fun!

I'll be there, and if i can manage to replenish my HPR building supplies in time i will haul the upscale ACME out for show and tell...

Scott McNeely
NARAM-46 is in The Plaines, Virginia about 45 minutes outside of Wash. D.C....on a good day.

I've registered but probably will only be there the first weekend -- can't wait to meet you guys in person!
OK! We're gonna need the Rocketry Forum banner!

Who has it?

How can we get it there.

Who's going that can bring it.

Originally posted by jflis
Kathy and I will be there for the whole week with the FlisKits booth. We're hoping to announce one new rocket kit along with some new parts and accessories :)

FlisKits is also sponsoring the A Division Championships along with many raffle donations.

Come on out, if you can, even if only for the weekend. It's going to be a great time and a whole lot of fun!


Jim I envy you doing the traveling vendor thing! :) This was not the year for it with short vaca time with the new job and all, but we still get out and about. Had a OTRFA launch today with Flis kits on display, and had fun flying a few anyway! The Flis Kits have actually been selling over the webstore QUITE well (BTW, I should have told you it is open now, so you can post that link!) and the Saturns have been going out the door! We also had a great and very successful decal sheet offer for TRF'ers that was way above what we expected, so Evie and I have been quite busy!

To Jim: I have not blown off the plans, I am planning on putting the finishing touches on them while I spend my only week of vaca this year doing it under some Florida sun, I do promise them within the month, I just want to make sure they are right on!

To all others, if there is a FlisKit you need fast while he is at NARAM (lucky dog!) come to We only have a limited selection, but we will ship em fast if you need em in a hurry, we are loving carrying the Flis Kits line! And pick up a few Sirius Rocketry products while you are at it!

Again, such a pleasure Jim, meeting you at NARCON, and we had a great time. Evie says hello to your better half. Kinda nice when rocketry can be a family business, huh?

Are you building or planning on an Outlander soon? I have some decal sheets I would love to send you. As usual, you outta know, the Deuce is the top seller. And I think our Saturn takes a distant second!

Enjoy NARAM Jim!


It's a lot of work (as you well know), but the national events are fun and are very worthwhile for us attending. We effectively made the decision this year that, barring unforseen problems, we will be attending the 3 NAR national events each year and will try to hit LDRS as well.

The biggest issue is the expense. In some cases we do not even recover our travel expenses, but we feel that the exposure is still well worth it.

This NARAM should be extra special. We're announcing a new kit and some accessories. We will also be show casing some new models that we hope to have released in the coming months befor the end of the year (all a part of the FlisFleet 2004).

These will include a secret futuristic model that we are working on, a couple of sport models including a new skill level 1 kit really geared towards the classroom, a payloader and much much more. The Manufacturers forum should be very exciting (if you are coming to NARAM, make a special effort to attend the forum!)

Then, right after NARAM, we return only to start getting ready for our 2nd anniversary on September 18th...

man, this is a busy season! LOL

As for those plans, no hurry. The *earliest* we could even *think* about doing anything with them would be next summer (maybe at the next NARAM).

Say hi to Evie for Kathy and I. As for the Deuce's Wild, we notice that the ACME outsold it 2:1 at LDRS, and we're hoping that the FarScape does as well :)

OK, So it is settled.

I will be attending NARAM for Sat and Sunday.

I am not setting up a vendor table, but I will be donating a few decal sets and a couple of T-shirts as door prizes.

Space is still an issue, but I do intend on bringing (and flying!!) the 6 or so GOONY prototypes that I am working on (and will have finished... hopefully!!)

Also, I am still trying to figure out how to pack the Red Max launcher....

Space is still an issue

A Mini Cooper filled with rockets and two people's luggage...I can't wait to see that.:D

A suitcase with wheels!

You would be suprised. Sometimes it is like a clown car...

As my 8 yr old nephew says: This car is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!! :p

Two suitcases and a cooler fit in the 'trunk' with ease. It is the rockets that are the problem!! Esp the tripod for the Red max launcher!!
I just got clearance from the director of this event and will be there to fly some HPR clusters, weather willing. Not sure how long I will stay through the week, but I am going to be there Friday nite thru at least Monday or Tuesday.

OK...I'm pumped and packed!

Now...who has the TRF banner?:confused:

From what I've read Tuesday is a "No Fly" day.

Tuesday is a "No *anything*" day.

The entire field will be shut down, no admittance. Good day to go sightseeing. Kathy and I are going to hit local hobby shops.

Not sure about Tuesday...I knew it was a day off and since Thomas is not coming, I really have no desire to go to DC. I may spend the day coming home...we will see.

Also, I have the banner and will bring it...if I can remember wher I put it.


Save a pair of pants...wrap a rocket in the banner!:D

OK, I have a newbie question:

What should I bring with me to NARAM other than rockets, motors, and mt range box.

I am esp asking about what I should have out at the flying range... water, bug spray, etc...


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