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Feb 6, 2009
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for this months sales. No need to be a NAR member, see details on the web page.

QUEST & Sunward Kits:

We offerd them at 50% off and syill could not dump them!
So now they are listed on our EBAY Store!
Check them out, last week 2 quest kits, a $30.00 value sold for $6.50.

Who know what the Sunward stuff will sell for, see our rocketry are or our main page for links to our Ebay Store.

Commonwealth Displays
I just picked up 5 of your 36 inch chutes from your ebay auctions and I wanted tom compliment you on them they are far better than I expected and the shipping was super fast. I would su=ggest you put beter pictures of them on your site the ones you have dont do them justice. Thank you .
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