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Jan 18, 2009
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I want to go for my L1 this year but I need to join a rocketry association. I was going to join Tripoli, for no particular reason, but then I thought I should ask you guys and see which one is better or preferred.
So here goes, if one were to join a rocketry association, which one would be better, NAR or Tripoli?
Thanx in advance.

Depends on several factors...the first of which should be which organization is your local club or the club you plan on joining affiliated with? Usually, it is best to go with an organization on that alone.

Next, you need to ask what you want to do with rocketry. If low power contests and events are your forte', the NAR would be a good choice. If instead, High Power launches and Experimental events are what interest you, Tripoli would be your better bet.

Remember you are welcome to paticipate at both types of launches as memberships are accepted from either club at events. NAR actually costs a few dollars more these days, but it does come with Sport Rocketry Magazine.

So, decide what you want to do and pick one...either org is great and will help you take your hobby as far as you want!

Good luck,

I would go with NAR. In my experience... they seem to be more friendly... and in my opinion, a better Certification system. Their Sport Rocketry Magazine is awesome... I would subscribe to magazine if it did not come with my membership already....

I have been a NAR member since 1989... I was also a TRA sometime in the late 90's... but I let that membership laps. I may rejoin TRA in the future... if and when I get into EX...
And with NAR you actually *Get* the magazine. It is mostly catered to Sport rocketry, hence the name, but of the three mags out there, it has the best content.

But as CTulanko posted, go with the one that your club is affiliated with. My club is actually affiliated with both, but since I fly mostly low-mid power, I chose NAR. NAR also seems the more professionally run of the two.
Forgot to mention; I actually belong to both organizations. I joined Tripoli first as it was the only HPR club around. about a half year later, we chartered a Cincinnati NAR club, so I also joined NAR and am active in both clubs. It's alot of fun and both have their advantages.

What Carl said, both times. As with many things, the answer just depends. (And we'll have no diaper jokes)
I'm a NAR member and i have gone to a number of launches by Tripoli clubs.both seem to be good groups. NAR membership comes with insurance, I don't believe that tripoli does. to me, that makes NAR mo better.
TRA membership also includes insurance. TRA insurance is primary insurance whereas NAR insurance is secondary. That means that you have to exhaust your own insurance before NAR insurance kicks in. However, TRA insurance has a very high deductible and only covers launches at sanctioned TRA events. NAR insurance covers you when you go fly by yourself too.
If you can afford it, you can join both...I get NAR for the magazine and because I have to as I am an Officer in our local section...then I get TRA to suppoort HPR in general and because it was my first club.