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Aug 22, 2015
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I don't use Facebook too much, but I've been enjoying following the TRA Facebook group and The Rocketry Show's Facebook page lately. The link to the NAR Facebook page on the top of the NAR homepage is dead, and I can't seem to find it by searching in Facebook. Does NAR have a Facebook page or group that I could follow too?
That link sends me to the same place as the link on the NAR hompage. Here is the error that FB gives me. I feel like an idiot for not being able to figure this out. Maybe the NAR is trying to give me a hint....

FB error.png
That link works for me. Weird. Want me to PM a mod on there and see if you got placed on a list?
That link works for me. Weird. Want me to PM a mod on there and see if you got placed on a list?

Sure. Please save me from the humiliation of having to ask my 12 year old daughter how to do this.
Suppose that would be helpful. Brenton DeBoef

FB name is Brenton-Amanda York-DeBoef. (I share the account with my wife. Hence, I don't use it very much.)
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That error is a general Facebook error that, at least in the past for me, is indicative of a problem in the Facebook code. It is usually temporary, with "temporary" meaning anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.
That's odd, Brenton. The link works for me as well. Have you tried simply looking up "National Association of Rocketry" in the search box? I think you'd like the NAR Facebook page. Lotta good stuff on there.

I hope you get the issue cleared up. That page and TRF are my first two stops on the Internet for good information from folks in the know, and for great rocket photos.
I have been getting the same error for about three weeks now. So it's just not you.

I just discovered that page and the Tripoli group too. I was able to quickly join the Tripoli FB group before LDRS 36 and see all the great flights shared. I am not sure if the NAR FB page is a group or what but I think I put a request in to join then it disappear with this error message.
Try it now.

You were blocked, which might have been an error or someone else on your account misbehaving...

If that doesn't work, do try clearing the cache or using a different browser.
I'll guess that I'm blocked too. Some one must have been accidently banning people that were try to join or something.

The ban is really brutal. When searching on Facebook it doesn't even show that it exists!

I believe I was able to confirm that I was banned by logging out of Facebook, then I could see the group.

Unfortunately I guess I don't have enough post to send private messages yet to get you my real name.
Thanks, guys. I can see the group now. I just requested access.
I'm pretty sure I'm banned from the NAR Facebook group. I would like to get unbanned. Can anyone help me or know who I can contact?

I've fixed a couple more folks, too.

Not saying this applies to any particular ban, but do remember the NAR Facebook page is a moderated, family friendly page about rocketry. No profanity, no off-topic posts (especially politics!), nothing rated above PG, nothing that you don't want your 9-year-old to see.

Also, the NAR moderators don't do all the banning--Facebook can auto-ban as well. If there are issues, contact a NAR moderator like me via regular email. Carol Marple and Mark Wise are the two designated NAR board member moderators; their emails are on the NAR website contacts page.
Thank you. I'm all set up in the group now. I don't think I was ever joined, only requested, to the group before so I could not have violated anything. Keep in mind that banning people makes the public group completely disappear for the banned. This is more extreme than just kicking someone out of the group, so gage can post any more.