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Jan 24, 2009
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Nice to see the NAR NRC scoreboard getting populated. There was one post under C Eggloft Altitude for a Division "Z". Can anyone tell me what division "Z" is? I fully understand divisions A,B.and C based on age, and Division T for teams. But this is a new one.


Garth Illerbrun
NAR 26894 L2
For those who do not know where the scoreboard is, here is the link:

There's no "Z" division. There's A,B, C, and now "D" for Teams.

I do not see "Z" listed on the scoreboard now, I guess that someone typed in the wrong thing. The results are also sent to the Contest Board representative for the region the contest was held in, to check and verify the results. So what you saw likely was before the CB reviewed and approved (fixed) the results.

Last Saturday, I was CD where a few National Rocketry Competition (NRC) flights were made during a club launch. Jay King (C Div) had a great 2-flight total in A Streamer Duration. 1:55 for flight 1, and 4:25 for flight two (a really nice thermal). That's a total of over 6 minutes, which locks Jay in for top ranking in that event since 6 minutes is the NRC "max" total for A SD (scoreboard software will get tweaked to display the max times.

Currently in C Div there are four flights over 6 minutes (360 sec) in 1/2A Parachute, which means that those 4 are tied for 1st place NRC ranking in that event.

I will have an interesting announcement in a few days related to NAR contests. Not ready yet though.
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