Name this rocket please 4" x 53"

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El Cheapo

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Jan 20, 2009
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I saw a local classified for a couple estes kits and some motors. I talked to the guy and it was on my way to the folks house today so I stopped by to pick them up. Four Estes HiFliers and four packs of C6-7's for $20. Not a bad deal to give the kids something to do. Like I'd fly those on a C motor.

Anywho, he had this rocket sitting out. It's a little rough. The fins are as crooked as a dog's hind legs. But I figured the brand new 44" Recovery Technologies ( chute and nose cone were worth the $10 I offered him for it.

It's 53" high by 4" diameter. Seems to me the fincan will be the tell tale for it. It appears to be plastic with 29mm friction fit motor tube designed for either a 3FNC or 4FNC TTW fitting. The body tube is definitely not thick-wall but should be fine for G-motors. Recovery consists of a long wire leader to about 1" below the top of the body tube where the shock cord is attached to.

Any ideas on who made this? At first glance it looks just like the Mercury Integrator save for the 29mm motor mount.

Now to decide whether to scrap it and keep the nose cone and chute for something else or try to route out the fins and replace them. Once I got it home I thought it was funny how this guy told me it took forever to come down on this chute and always had to walk a long ways to retrieve it. No wonder considering it only weighs 2lbs w/out motor on a 44" chute




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NCR by Estes-Phantom 4000 with a 28MM (yes, 28MM) motor mount. The good news is that Quest is coming out with a 28MM "F" motor in the next several weeks. The bad news is that it probably will not even get a Phantom 4000 off the launch rod.
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Well, that was easy. Thank you. Unless Aerotech made a 28mm single use, this one is built for 29mm as it did have a used single use motor in it.
Well, that was easy. Thank you. Unless Aerotech made a 28mm single use, this one is built for 29mm as it did have a used single use motor in it.

You are very lucky. I built several of the NCR by Estes kits before I tried to fly one. I ended up sanding down the inside of the motor tubes--and peeling off the labels on the Aerotech cases. The fact that the centering rings are hard plastic makes changing the MMT a pain.
It must have been changed during the build process. The spent single-use casing mic'd out to 29.5148mm and did have a couple wraps of masking tape around the bottom portion towards the nozzle.

Is this thing nostalgic enough to try and resurrect the fins? Two of the three fins are wardped and the top layer of ply appears to be lifting although it could just be the paint. I won't know until I get them sanded down.

I'm guessing I could soak the fins and sandwich them between some .250 aluminum I have to try and straighten them out. If that's successful, I can layout some 2oz glass on each side w/laminating resin to beef them up a bit. They are still securely mounted even though there are some cracks on the fillets.

Here's the warped fins. Not sure how well you can see the bend in them.