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Jul 14, 2015
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Northern NJ
I originally thought this picture was bad enough to make this (slightly) challenging, but now that I look up close I was probably wrong. Way too easy for you guys. Anyway:

Identify this plane from this crappy picture, and tell me (approximately) where it was taken (no fair looking at EXIF data, if TRF preserves it):

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1504575726.534319.jpg
Have no idea where it was taken other than in the air but the outline is pretty unmistakable. Even for a blurry photo.
Yeah, when I took it I though that it was sufficiently blurry to be interesting. Turns out my iPhone did better than I thought. I actually considered blurring it further to make it not so obvious. Oh well.

Kudos on a 5 minute response though. :)

I'll hold on where it was taken and see if anyone knows, not that it's anything particularly earth shattering.
I know there was at least one of these aircraft at Thunder Over Michigan this weekend, but considering you're from NJ I wouldn't expect the photo was taken there.
How did you peg it as the 909?

Wikipedia lists 9 flyable B-17s in the U.S. I am guessing that the plane was identified based on the olive drab paint scheme. Most flyable B-17s are "newer" versions produced late in the war and there was no need to paint them olive drab which only protected them on the ground.
In this case I followed a few links until I found out who operates the plane, and their website says it's the 909. I personally did not identify it visually.

Tonight I'll post the rest of the details if no one else does before them.
So, the not-so-interesting answer to the not-so-interesting test question is:

Every Labor Day weekend the Naval Air Station Wildwood has an "Airfest". The Collings Foundation brings in a P51, B24, and the pictured B17 and opens them for display and gives rides in them.

Often on that weekend I am lazing on the beach at Cape May NJ, and the planes fly fairly low right up and down the coast, so I get a nice view. This year I was possessed to take a picture of the B17 for some reason.

And that, as they say, is that.
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How did you peg it as the 909?
I've flown on it six times and my SO flew five times. I never quite understood her turning the opportunity down for the sixth time. I've also done extensive research on it for a 1/9th scale RC model. It's just a familiarity that comes with something you become 'good' at recognizing. It had that sort of 'feel' to it with what I thought I picked out in red trim at the stab and what appeared to be an overall olive green color above the belly line. Just subtle hints without anything definite. Nothing more. I still took a shot at it without being overly confident. Could have been a VW too! :lol: