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Jul 18, 2010
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Alright, finally got the film back from Osco; here's a picture of what I've built since Christmas.

From left:

- Estes Alpha III
- Quest Totally Tubular (the kit didn't come with a decal sheet, so I got some "flame" decals in the R/C car section of my local hobby shop)
- Estes Viking (5 fin variation)
- Custom TriStar
- Clone of the old Estes Citation Patriot

Still on deck:
- Estes Monarch (in painting right now; hadn't been started yet when I took the picture)
- Clone of Centuri X-24 Bug
- Semroc Micron
And, here's a close-up of the Patriot clone. I messed up the top decal (the gold eagle) a bit; this is the "good side." I patched the botched bits with a gold paint pen and a black marker, so it doesn't look too bad, at least from a distance.
Great job Kenobi...amazing how much you can accomplish when wintered in house. ;)

Nice fleet man!

Man...I totally missed that one; the Patriot looks great! I too want to know where you got the eagle.

Originally posted by Micromister
Good work:
Nice job on the C Patroit, What did you use for the Gold background decal, Gold mylar (vinyl)?

I bought the entire thing as a clone kit on eBay; it was on a decal sheet, the same as the other decals. I'm not sure if the guy who put the kit together printed the decals himself, or had 'em printed by someone. I'll shoot a note off to the guy I bought it from, and see if he can answer that.

And, thanks for the compliment; other than wrinkling that decal (which *is* freaking huge), I was very pleased with how the Patriot turned out.
Originally posted by Fore Check
That gold eagle roll decal was a BEAR! Luckily, TP had two of those on the sheet, because I too severely screwed up my first attempt at applying it. So, I had to scrap it and used the backup!

Yours looks mighty fine, too, Fore Check.

Regrettably, I only had the when I managed to botch it a bit during application, I had to try and salvage what I could. As I said, the side that's in the photo is the "pretty" side; the other side has a couple of wrinkles and tears. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to patch it up with markers, however.

My advice to anyone else applying that decal: cut it in half along the rocket's long axis (i.e., one "eagle" per half) and apply them one at a time. A 3" x 6" decal is *not* going to go on without a fight. :D