My Wife the **** house builder

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Jan 18, 2009
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My wife was in the bathroom and found toilet paper rolls and said BT's she is building right now....... but its supper time and I need food:(
Man, you have GOT to get her some supplies fast!!! Go to Fliskits and BMS...order lots of BT's, all different you still have a chance!

Oh the Humanity!!! :D

Man, that brings back memories. Haven't used a tube from toiletpaper in...shudder...over 30 years. But I did back then :)
Hey Warren!!!
Don't tell the Mrs. , BUT there are all sorts of "rocket"
kit parts all over the house! Check out the empty Christmas wrapping paper tubes!! Paper towel tubes are the next step after the TP! Does the Mrs. wear panty hose from the L'Eggs boutique? Hee Hee!! Those even come with nosecones.... All sorts of plastic bottles make the ultimate Bottle rockets! And who needs paint when you can use Contact paper!!! After you get all those ideas flying, give me a call and I will set you up with some nose cones, couplers and adapters that will keep you celebate for months!!!!! Dr Don
Well the wife did it heres the bird even with an Easter egg nose cone
<i>ext. shot of upstairs bathroom door.</i>
<i>V.O. Bowhunter:</i> Honey?
<i>ext. shot of backyard. Rocket on pad. Sound FX:</i> WHOOOSH!!!
<i>ext. shot of upstairs bathroom door.</i>
<i>V.O. Bowhunter:</i> Dear?
<i>ext. shot of backyard. Another rocket on pad. Sound FX:</i> WHOOOSH!!!
<i>ext. shot of upstairs bathroom door.</i>
<i>V.O. Bowhunter:</i> Sweetie? Where's all the toilet paper?
<i>Sound FX:</i>Laugh track

<i>V.O. announcer:</i>Tune in for the next outrageous episode of "Life With The Bowhunters!!" Tuesday at nine, only on TRF Network!
It flew twice and no damage!!! WOOOHOOO

Had to add some nose cone weight the second time around
but it worked. I used the the tail off a kite for a streamer and a strip cut off my belly support thingy from when i was preggers for a shock cord lmao .. but it worked!

Bowhunter on the other hand, launched his Baby Birtha right after me and he had to go into teh freezing cold pond to recover it! He wasn't all that happy, but he got it!
The first 2 launches were on A-8s for testing. We just launched it on a C-6 and it was amazing how well sh*t house engenering works
It's half a plastic easter egg lol .. found one in our son's toy box and i snagged it! lmao

I only have one sister left who is single .. well dating someone for a long time that she needs to dump lol ..and shes on the verge of doing. lmao ..

BUT she's in NY .. so if ya wanna travel a ways I'll see what i can do! hehehhehehhe

p.s. we'll have to mend her ways abit .. i dont think shes ever built a rocket ... shes a singer though!
Welcome to the Rocketry Dating!!!
Requirement: Must have BIG rocket!!!!
but will accept any size AMRAAM!!!!!!!!!
call 1-800- WHOOSH!!!!!!
Don ,

You crack me up! BIG ROCKET is definately a requirement! lmao

and sorry guys but the old saying its not the size of the ship .. its how you sail .. BULL S**T lmfao!!!!!!!
Kudos to Mr. & Mrs. Bowhunter.
My daughters love rockets and in fact my oldest flew her L1 cert last month.
My wife on the other hand wants nothing to do with them.
All I hear from her is: Do you have to have your parts all over the house?, Clear a path so someone can get through, and I am going to shove that rocket up .. OOPs can't say that.
Its great to see more women in the sport.
My hats off to you.
Welcome to TRF by the way.:)
Well I say congrats to Mrs. Bowhunter.
I would have thought that we have all built TP rockets at some point. Here's one I built with my niece one day when we didn't have any rocket supplies. It is 3 paper towel rolls joined by TP roll couplers, a styrofoam egg carton nose cone, and fins cut from styrofoam dinner plates. The plates warped; so for each fin, I cut 2 pieces and glued them together so that each ones curve offset the other and kept them straight. It flies beautifully and gets about 600 ft on a C6. That's pretty high for something that size on a C motor. It has flown 3 times, and is still in good shape, although I believe it may burst at its seams at any time.

It was fun, but now I try to keep a good stock of BT's.


.... Is collecting Pringles cans...
Something about wanting a bigger rocket....

I built a rocket out of Crystal Light cans. They are an almost
perfect fit for a BT-80 nose cone (Fat Boy type).
It was a very sad day for me .... my toilet paper treasure is hanging from a tree in the yard :( !
Im counting on Bowhunter to get his climbing stand out of the woods and save it for me.
I'll let ya know if it survives.

Hmmmmmmmm.......... Is all that shade really necessary?
I have a really nice chain saw I could loan you!!!!
(If Mr. Bowhunter is injured falling out of the tree in a failed
rocket-rescue attempt, I guess he would have to stay home
and watch the kids while Mrs. Bowhunter comes to the 2 day launch at Ellsberry !!!!!!!!!!!!)
Dr Don
If he falls out of the tree .. that means he can watch the kids .. and i can also steal HIS rockets to launch! hehhehehe .. shhhhh don't tell him i said that .. i'll be in HUGE trouble... not for going without him as much as stealing his rockets!

looks like i'm gonna have to start building again .. i only have 2 weeks to come up with a new idea and build before the launch!

It has to be something good .. since im teh rare bread .. have to keep my viewers happy! lol

P.S. If he does fall out of the tree .. you gonna fire up the grill and cook breakfast? Cause im hopeless at camping. lol
your a rare BREAD?!?! What sort of Bread?? Cottage? French? Cheesey? :p
My wife has one of those FoodSaver vacuum sealer things, and the rolls of bags come on a paper tube. Now, this tube isn't the ordinary paper towel roll! ID is 25mm, OD is 30mm. That's right, the tube is 2.5mm thick!!! It's surprisingly lightweight, but it's also rock solid. It's the kind of thing you could smooth up, put a 24mm RMS into and fly to the moon if you wanted to.

We cant go to the store and she will look at the tube the prouduct comes with! It is so funny thats ok cause I bought 3 4" crayons lol
How about a 2 Stager!!!!!!!!!
hmmmm dunno if a newbie like me could create a 2 stager before april 3rd .. but i could get hubby to guide me (before he climbs that tree ofcourse hehe)

As for the rare Bread .. ok ok ok wise guy so i typoed .. i said i was rare not perfect! lmao