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Captain Low-N-Slow
Jan 26, 2010
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I wrote this for my dad a few years before he died. He was a WW2 Navy veteran, serving aboard the heavy cruiser USS Pensacola. The Pensacola earned 13 battle stars, participating in the fighting at Midway, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, among others. My dad was there through it all, manning a 5 inch gun mount. I am obviously very proud of my father, but I am also very proud of all our veterans. Their sacrifices that have kept us free are unfathomable to me.

I proudly salute you all!

To most Americans, our Flag stands for freedom.
To me, YOU stand for freedom. You fought for me, though I had yet to be born.
With unwavering courage and indomitable spirit, you fought for us all.
You stood between America and the tyranny that sought to enslave our great nation.
Everytime our flag passes, I proudly salute.
Yet in my heart, I am most proud of you.
Thank you Dad, for your sacrifice and your bravery.
For your answer to a nation's call for help.

Nice. My dad was a hot shell man on a forward five inch in the navy in WWII. He served aboard the USS Chilton, which was later used as one of the support vessels for the Apollo missions. Unfortunately I never new that when he was alive.

Steve Shannon