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Oct 21, 2014
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I thought you guys might find this interesting. Here are my two subminature film cameras. Yes, they do take pictures.


I put them next to a roll of 35mm film for scale. They both fit in the palm of my hand


This is a Minox Contax I replica. It was made in Japan. It has a Ziess Ikon lens and a fixed depth of field of 1.2m to infinity.


This is a German Minox Model B that was maunfactured in the 60s. It was the first Minox to have a built-in light meter. This is the classic "spy camera". Subminature cameras very similar to this one were used by both west and east German spys during the Cold War.


Here's a print of a picture I took with the Contax I. The negatives are 8mm x 11mm
You and my dad would get along well. His hobby is collecting sub-minitures. I think he has about 40 different makes and models. I think they are very interesting in that, well, most were used built for spying.
i gave it to my Photography Prof. in college because she was so inspirational and supportive.

pretty sharp pic considering the size of the negative!