My scratch-built altimeter (continuing from before TRF went down)

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Jan 18, 2009
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So, here's the progress on my altimeter:

Everything on the PCB is ready, except for the pressure sensor.

I've had some trouble with the program, so I e-mailed James Padfield, but he didn't answer. I fixed the program myself, but it would had taken less time if James Padfield had helped - he's the original program creator!

So now the only thing left is to wait until the pressure sensor gets shipped to here, solder it and test the altimeter.

A-a, I also have one question about the test - actually, how do I test an altimeter without puting it in a rocket? Put it in a canister and throw it up?
Looking good, please tell us more what you use
and how you built it :)

You could get one of these:
or build one yourself.

How didn't I mind this! I'll make one of these "devices". Thank you! :)