My Renegade is done!

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Jan 20, 2009
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LOVE this rocket! I thought the stock paint job isn't "renegade" enough, though. After seeing the scuff marks on Cydermaster's boosters, I decided to make a more "outlaw" look. I added panel lines, weathering and exhaust marking to give the Renegade a look that fit it's name!
that is a great looking finish for the Renegade! nice job!
I am just getting ready to paint mine (thanks to Hobby Lobby 1/2 off coupon I got both the Renegade and SR-71 for about $16.00!)
I guess I have been reading this forum long enough now that I just can no longer leave anything stock. For my Renegade I added motor mount tubes to the boosters so I can run a 3 cluster booster. I lengthened the BT by about 6" to help compensate for the added weight aft and I installed a baffle about 12" into the BT that will also help bring CG forward.

I must say was disappointed with the quality of the booster nose cones as the ones in my kit were undersized. The whole nose cone slid right into the BT! I used tape to build up the shoulder and then epoxied the cones on but there will be a lot of filling to bring the BT and nose cone surfaces even.
That is an AWESOME paint job. Next time I fly my shuttle into space, I will keep my eye out for that...

You have to share your finishing techniques. I would love to do mine that way :). But I will make the pods flat Red instead... :)
Rocketman, that looks really great! I am still enjoying the build phase on mine, but when I get to the painting part I may just have to copy yours
I was quite pleased with the way it turned out.

I started by priming the entire model flat black. Then I masked off seperate "panels" on the body tube and removed them a few at a time while coating with various metallic layers of paint (silver, gold, bronze, copper). I used Rustolem Metallics because they dry incredibly fast. After that I scuffed the metallics down to the primer in spots to give that "broken in" look. Then a quick spattering of primer again and more scuffing around the engines.
I just kept layering and misting until the look was right...

After applying the stickers and dullcoting the entire model, I painted the wingtip pods glossy orange and misted over the orange with metallic purple. Kinda gave them the "glowing" look I was thinking about when I figured out that my original plan for bright red ala the astron interceptor wasn't going to work for a lack of red paint in my paint box...

Hope this is helpful for those of you who might want to produce a similar look.
I'm hooked on the Renegade... In goofing around with the kit as I was building it, I noticed something that REALLY has given me an evil idea for my next one... A 38mm casing fits exactly into the BT...HA, HA, HA, HA...! I think I might need to reinforce the fins though... Should SCREAM off the pad with a Pro38 1-2g! I'll let you know how it goes.

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