My Pocket Rocket Turned on High Speed

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Feb 29, 2004
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Well I finsihed my Pocket Rocket (Pip Squeek) and she flew like the wind! Yeaaaaaaaaaa

Heres a pic :)
Those little kits are fast!!!!!! We test flew 3 today her Pipsqueak, My Executioner D-12 and E-9, And My 4 Banger FatBoy(CATO). The Pipsqueak just ripped of the pad very fast and my Executioner flew great but the FatBoy wasnt to lucky it was fun but know it will set on my shelf and it would be a good conv. piece
Sorry to hear about that Fat Boy. Love that rocket, was looking forward to hearing about the cluster, but not about a CATO.
Oh well. So how'd you like that Executioner? Nice, isn't it?

I was able to save fatboy and flew it and it went about 100' feet then made a 90deg. turn and hauled A*S