My Personal Launch 5-19-04

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Apr 29, 2004
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Here are some pics from yesterday’s launch with my kids and a friend of mine and his kid. I don’t have pictures of every launch (I missed a few, and there’s no use posting a picture of a launch pad engulfed in smoke), but these turned out OK.

Launches :
1. Estes Big Bertha : perfect launch and recovery on a C6-3

2. Estes Bull Pup : perfect launch but not so perfect recovery on a C6-3. At ejection, the shock cord tangled the parachute shroud lines and it came down in a moderate free fall. No damage to the rocket, but some of the shroud lines tore away from the chute.

3. Maiden flight for the Fliskits Praetor on a C6-3. This was my first FlisKit model and I can say that this is one cool rocket! A Perfect liftoff and recovery. Those big fins look awesome on the pad and in the air (and I have to give a “thank you” to Jim, as I borrowed his red-white-blue Duece’s Wild paint scheme!).

4. Estes SkyWriter pencil rocket launched with an A8-3. One of the few flawless recoveries for this bird, catching it about 15 feet from the pad. I was tempted to launch this a second time with a C6 engine, but every time I do that with this rocket, I always wind up chasing the thing about a half-mile. It really gets up there in a hurry, and with the larger engines, it seems to catch those winds that make it drift (even with a spill hole in the chute).

5. Estes NSA Starship on a C6-3. Good liftoff, but bad recovery. The wind switched directions for this flight and it got caught in a tree. I climbed as far as I could, and shook the branches, but it was out of reach. As I was giving up, and coming back down, it fell to the lower branches where it could be recovered! The only damage suffered were some torn shroud lines.

6. 2ND flight of the BB today on a C6-3. Another good launch and recovery, as usual for this bird.

7. 2ND flight of the Praetor on another C6. I can say enough good things about this rocket. It looks great and flies great. Possibly my new favorite!

And now for the pics….
BB recovery shot

Edited : sorry! wrong picture. I will post a correct shot!

Nice shots, and you look like you've found a fantastic field there!

If you're anywhere near Frederick, come out and fly with the NARHAMS folks some time - they fly on the second Saturday of every month (next launch on 6/5 is a competition meet), and they're a really friendly bunch. has more info and directions to the flying field.
I just love that Praetor paint job! :)

The Praetor is one of the real "unsung" heroes of FlisKits. It really doesn't get all that much press or attention on the web site or in the package, but everyone who has bought one has just fallen in love with it!

Looks like you had a great time and ditto on the great field!