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Nov 13, 2003
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I've been messing around with my online simulator. I've made some changes. In particular, the simulator figures out if you need an FAA waiver, an FAA notification, or nothing. I think it is pretty close, but may have some holes. I'm particularly interested in finding mistakes with rockets on the cusp of either being FAA notification only or FAA waiver material. It all comes down to propellant weights.

If someone has good knowledge of which motors fall just on either side of this line and can input rocket simulations that test these limits, I would appreciate any and all mistakes you can find. Maybe my simulator is excluding motors that should be OK for FAA notification only. Conversely, perhaps my simulator is including motors that should require an FAA waiver to fly.

Thanks and I'll owe anyone who can help me out.
People - I just played with this program for like five minutes, and it is a wonder! It is great! You MUST go try it out! It's a lot of fun!

Great Job Gunkie!

Well done , that simulator is realy cool ! Keep it up!
Tried out and in true Beta testing style entered rubbish,(well unlikely data) and the program gave me a white screen. Mind you it should have called me an idiot.
Data entered

D24 18mm RMS Aerotech Blue Thunder

I will really Beta test it over the next few days.

I get the same thing. Although, other motors work. My guess is that either (1) I'm not parsing the motor file correctly when the file reader subroutine gets to the D24 or, more likely (2) there is an anomoly in the file causing certain important information regarding the D24 to be omitted.

I'll look into it and thanks for the feedback.
I fixed the D24 motor selection anomoly. It seems that there is (was) a hidden character in the text RASP motor file. It seems to wokr now. Thanks for the feedback.