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OMG what are you planning on launnching that Scissor wing Transport up with? wow I'd like to see that....coming and going.....beautiful....
hey swingwing:
since that thing is so big, have you ever considered placeing a small camera in its belly such that when it is gliding down, it is taking a video? that would be awesome.... I'm gonna do that someday, place a small video cam in a rocket powered glider...
Awesome! Doing a BT-80 SWT is something that's been on my "round tuit" list for some time now.
Thats NICE! Superb finishing , what did you use ?
Well, It is made from 3" mailing tubes that have been peeled down to 1/2 thickness and lightly epoxied (No glass). The wing is 1/4" balsa and has a single layer of 2 oz glass. The NC is balsa (that was an interesting project, as it is 14.25" long and I don't have a lathe!) . The pop-pod is made from a 1.5" mailing tube with a 29mm MMT offset slightly to compensate for wing lift during boost (ala Estes F-14 Tomcat). The finish is gloss white spraypaint (cheapo stuff) with a mixture of waterslide decals and red Scotchcal vinyl. Overcoated with Krylon semi-gloss clear.
The motor I have decided upon, if I ever get the guts and if I ever have a place to launch an unguided glider of this size safely, is a G35-4. I am pushing the MLOW a bit, but a higher thrust motor would really increase the likelyhood of a shread.
I kinda doubt it will ever fly
lol , ouch without a lathe , that musta took some time and skill!
Im sure it will fly , it looks stable anyway , or you could just keep it as a display item if you dont want to fly it lol !
Doubt it will ever fly??!?!:eek: It's not a true rocket, then!

Either way, looks amazing to me. Lots of patience I'm sure, but sure as heck did pay off.
excellent work!

I've never seen a F-14 tomcat - how does the offset motor mount work?
Well I'm simply crushed.I thought I was going to be the only one to build an upscale SWT. Oh well, guess I'll have to clone and upscale something else. Oh by the way, that looks beautiful!!!
It'll Never Fly!!! OMG what a waste!!! Swing-Wing YOU JUST GOTTA FLY IT!!!
It's Awesome, Like VJP a Bt-80 3X upscale of the SWT is on the "round tu-it" list after the clustered Bt-80 interceptor, sitting idle waiting for a spirit to move me;) in the meantime I'm settling for working on a 3x +/- downscale .375" body SWT for Micro-Maxx power:) May have it done sometime this month...

Get some friends together, take that beauty out and let er rip.. should be a wonderful sight:) Pictures don't forget the Pics:D:D
Great work! wonderful looking finish!