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mark schnell

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Feb 13, 2004
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Well I enjoy looking at what you guys build so here is what I've been working on over the years.
Centuri Cruise Missile. This was such a cool kit and a good flyer. Estes has tried to produce it lately at least in spirit with a RTF and a larger kit (Name?). But they haven't been able to touch it's coolness.

Great looking X-1. What brand/color paint did you use?

Still need decals. Dragon Ship 7, Space Cruiser Excalibur, Evel Knievel Sky Cycle upsize.
This is my own design. I call it the EKRWB. That stands for Evel Knievel red, white, and blue. It's only called that because every fin has been broken several times. That thing probably has as much weight from the CA I used to patch it than from the parts. It flys straight as an arrow though. It's kind of my pet rocket. I'll keep patching it till it won't take it anymore. Then I'll bury the pieces in the back yard with full gun salute and taps.
Here is one shot of my fleet. The giant sized Quark and Mosquito are two of my best flyers on a D12-3. The Quark usually does a perfect four point landing. I've launched the regular sized versions bunches of times and never lost them.

The list is: Big Daddy, Titan IIIE, Giant, Mid, and regular sized Mosquito, Giant and regular sized Quark, Saturn V main body, Space Cruiser Excalibur (green no decals), Dragon Ship 7 (light grey, no decals), Bell X-1 (orange one), Little Joe II, and assorted parts
I like the looks of that upscale Quark, Mark! That's definately going on the to-build list!

That was my first time using epoxy and basswood fins. I guess that's why it can withstand fourpoint landings. It flys like a dream. I would like to see what it would do mid-power, it could definitely handle the stress. Someday I should build a midsize and launch all three at once. :D
Hey Mark,
In the background of your Cruise Missile pic, what is that with all the tubes around it?
Nice web site. Like you, besides rocketry, I also love to hunt and fish. I really enjoy going to the range and killing paper targets.
Missileman, that's the Estes Explorer Acquarius kit #2016. I haven't launched it yet but it is a cool looking kit. Kind of pain putting all those tubes together and then on the rocket though. There are two for sale on ebay right not. You can usually get them in the $25 range.
The new Estes Outlander uses the same kinds of tubes.
And what is that on the left side of that last pic, just to the right of the Big Daddy?
I should know, but I get them all mixed up.

Mark I love that big Quark! The little one is one of my fav rockets to fly. I scratched built one just like it and every flight it lands within four feet of us.

Tim, that's the Estes Titan IIIE.They have two of those on ebay right now too. They will probably go in the $60-75 range. I've never launched mine. I built it and prepped it for launch, engine ingnitor and everything. I went to put it on the launch rod and I discovered that I had glued the launch lug too close to the main body. I have never fixed it. It' s a pretty impressive kit.

I'm going to edit my fleet list and put the kit names on it. I'll post another pic of the rest of my fleet tomorrow.
Thanks, thats what I thought, but never knew it was made as a kit. Thanks for the info.

Excellent pics! The Titan, does it use any fins of any sort? Or will it fly in its "big brother" configuration?
Graylensman, if you look close in the photo you can see the Titan has black fin units at the base of the outboard tubes. It's the same config. that the Mercury Atlas uses. As a matter of fact, the Merc. fins are laying loose in front of the rockets.
Here's the rest of my fleet.

Back row: Cloned Estes Trident, Estes Mercury Atlas, Estes Explorer Acquarius, Old Estes Mercury Redstone, recent Estes Mercury Redstone, Fliskits A.C.M.E. Spitfire (Deadstone), Estes Black Brant, Estes Big Daddy, Estes Titan IIIE, Front Row: My own design EKRWB, Centuri Cruise Missile, Upscaled and no decals Centuri Evel Knievel Sky Cycle, and miscellaneous parts and junk laying around.

Have but will build someday list: Estes Magnum Jayhawk, Estes Solar Sailor II, Estes Space Transporter America (kit and upscale),

Started but need to Finish list: Estes Outlander, Saturn V Skylab launch vehicle, Estes SR-71,
Nice fleet you've got there. Fly that Aqaurius, it really does fly well. Check out this picture I took about 14 yrs. ago with a Canon Snappy 35mm camera.