My history and prospects.


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Oct 30, 2016
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I first entered Model Rocketry about 40 years ago. I drifted out after a few years of flying them at my local High School with my Dad, then tried again about twenty years ago. I went to one launch with my Dad, and built some more models to Skill Level 2, but my Dad soon developed Alzheimer's and then my Aunt took over as my guardian. She threw out all those "flares of yours", and with no one to take me to a launch site I thought that was it. But a few years ago, she turned over the reins to my cousin Jim. He plans to move to the Port Clinton area next year (originally it was last year, then this year, so we will see when it actually happens). I went out with him for his birthday today and cautiously mentioned the possibility of getting back into the hobby when we move, and he seemed open to the idea. So we will see.