My God It's Full Of SPAM


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Dec 27, 2010
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I can't wait for the paper, or should we call it a cook book, to come out in China at the space convention being held there where they will unveil the results, findings, cook book, from the HI-SEAS project 8000 feet up one of the volcanos we call Hawaii. NASA spent one million on what looks like it could have been the spam cooking challenge, by the puff news pieces being put out about it.

But Seriously!

1. According to the fluff put out the food needed to have a 5 year shelf life. Most freeze dried stuff is good for 10 plus if nitrogen sealed?

The drive to use "off the shelf tech", rather than reinventing the wheel every time the military or Gov. spooks needed a new toy/system, was a buzz word,
but made use of free market to weed out bad ideas, and put the R+D cost on the private sector(sometimes). Is NASA going to use off the shelf?

BUT space travel is just a little different, ok a lot different! They were on strict water restriction while they did this camping trip. Ok, as a space traveler I am not going to be on water restriction unless a micro meteor pokes a hole in my water tank! Space suits, and space craft are closed systems, every "movement" you make, every breath you take and exhale is going to be dehydrated and/or condensed out of the air and recycled. MARS has water and methane and loads of CO2 so bring coke syrup, the soda water is already there!

What I want to know is more real stuff, did they cook all this "Experimental Menu" in Microwave oven and on Induction Heat cooktop and oven, as there will be no open flame in a space ship, and on MARS unless there is frozen O2 also to harvest.

What was the expected caloric value of each meal, and what was it really?

They did all the MARS society stuff like they do in Arizona, and Australia, and now Hawaii, put on a pretend space suit and go do nature walks in them.

Did they do blood sugar tests with this menu and food before and after the nature walks to see if they were getting out of the food what they needed?

Did anyone gain or loose mass while doing this experiment(as I would assume that consumption was mandatory of test meals).
They said they needed "comfort food" i.e. nutella and other stuff and we send that up to the ISS too, but did they all consume same amounts of extra calories, and or expend them too.

How many calories can you expend in an RV? no really an RV is not a bad analog and from what I have seen of the ISS, RV are more cramped. So This is an experiment as if six people were instantly transported to MARS, not the long low calorie need stage of the trip. They have no atrophy to deal with? Spend a month on your A$$, I did, your legs are not the same for some time. Other than SPAM is great! not to sure what we are really learning from this million? We already know how to MRE, Retort Pouch, boil in bag, freeze dry?

2. Hawaii really? This is the analog for MARS?

As far as "comfort food" goes, Hawaii and Arizona or even the Atacama(sic) in Puru, other than being barren and much more fun when not pretending, are horrible analogs for MARS
MARS is Cold, like cryogenic cold, and due to sun light being what it is, 1/4 as light at high noon. So think Antarctica in winter, but with no wind as the atmosphere is sooooo thin.

Do this menu test in a industrial frozen food warehouse, and go for nature walks in mukluks and carharts and see what your need for calories is, granted I know that a space suit is going to be a heated envelope on MARS or EVA. But dark cold whispy air outside an electrically heated Airstream RV in that warehouse, with trips out to an electrically heated green house in that same warehouse, that you are trying to grow some fresh food in by LED, will make way more real the mood and the feel of how the food will be perceived.

As a kid I had and have books on running a trap line and there was a sample shopping list of what you needed to take to your cabin(the assumption you would spend most of the winter at a cabin trapping and come out of the location in Spring.) I will post it if I can find it, as I recall it was quite amusing the amounts and what was on the list.
I also grew up with old timers who had worked logging in there younger days and the amount of food eaten by men working REALLY hard physical labor that they described was WoW...

Spam is good, and variety is the spice of life. :confused2: