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Jan 18, 2009
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I just purchased RockSim.
Had trouble getting it, but have it now.
Here is my first rocket that I created.
It is a 2.5x upscale of the Centuri Screaming Eagle.
I haven't tried to figure out how to put decals in.
The grey part of the body tube is just to simulate where the decals will go.
Also the fins will go through the tube and there will be rail buttons instead of launch lugs.
It has a 38mm motor mount and a 29mm adaptor.
Let me know what you think.

I haven't looked because Im on my Mac and am too lazy to run over to the Pc... :) One thing though, from what I know, you can't put decals into RockSim.
According the the web site, with the latest version, you can.
They have an article on how to do it, I just haven't read it.
It's 1:15am here and I have to be at work at 8:00am and still have to shower!:p
I'm excited enough about RockSim to stay up late.:D
Hey, thanks for the reply and you go to bed too.
Excellent job on the RockSim file. Let me know if you need help simulating the TTW fins and/or decals.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
I haven't tried working with the ttw fins and still have to try the decal thing.
I read the article and not sure I'll even mess with them.
Thanks again,
Think I have the ttw figured out, but not completely sure.
Here is the updated file-
TTW fins look good to me!

I would change the material specification to "G10 fiberglass" to get the weight right, the G10 (PML 0.125) doesn't appear to be set up correctly in the materials database. I think the fins should probably weigh around 12.7 ounces.

I would also set the parachute material to ripstop nylon to give a weight around 1 ounce. The Sky Angle material doesn't seem to give a correct weight either.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
I look into those......
I see what you mean, the fins showed a mass of 0 oz; now, I'm no rocket scientist, but even I know better than that.
I've tinkered with the Excel file "Materials" in the RockSim folder and calculated the #/ft^3 from the oz/in^2, but it does not seem to have changed the values in the program. Not sure what I have to change. Will look into it more.
I don't know much about the materials so had no idea if they were correct or not. Actually, even if I had thorough knowledge about them, I didn't look at the info pertaining to them anyway, so....
I hadn't even looked into the ttw fin stuff, just off the top of my head figured there maybe more to it than there was. It's about as easy as the rest of RockSim, fill in the blanks and go to town.
Just looked Twinsburg up on the map, is that the place where they have the twin get together? Isn't there an amusement park in Aurora that is supposed to have some really great rides? Seems I saw something on TV about it. I've made a couple of trips to Sandusky for Cedar Point; man, that place ROCKS if you're into roller coasters! A former college roommate grew up in Tiffin, OH and introduced me to CP. I liked roller coasters before, now I love 'em.
Anyway, thanks for the help so far. I'm pretty sure that I will have more questions for you.

You have to add the materials into the RockSim database through the Rocket menu, select materials. The PML G10's don't work because of a bug in the program that won't use areas in the units window of the materials field. I will inform Tim at Apogee about this bug.

Twins-day in Twinsburg, Ohio was just last week! Geauga Lake which is now owned by the same people who own Cedar Point is in Aurora Ohio about a 15 minute drive from where I live. The roller coasters there are also awsome!

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055