my first Roc Sim rocket

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Jan 25, 2004
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I made my first roc Sim rocket this morning, it still needs a few things, and some balancing and stuff... but I like it. Any comments are welcome, and yes I know it is overly stable:D It has a 38mm motor mount in it, but I will probably just put an adaptor in there

Nice job.
That thing rocks on a J350:D
you might want to add an electronics bay and fly dual deploy.
Cool fin pattern. You could even fly it on the new 38mm Aerotech G's and the Cesaroni G's.
Cool fin design!

This rocket is not really that over stable if you are planning on glassing the fins and body tube. I relocated the mass object you used for fiberglass to 26 inches from the nose cone tip (half the rockets length and them some) and now have the CG at 33 inches from the nose tip giving a static margin around 1.84 with AT J350W motor installed. Note the location of the weight of the fiberglass is just a guess on my part, the CG might actually fall even farther aft depending on your construction techniques. It would be best to determine the CG on the fully loaded and finished model before you fly it, especially with a J350 motor!

In a 5mph wind the parachute gives a drift of about a half mile down range double the wind speed and you walk twice as far, so heed the advice about dual deployment.

Attached is the updated RockSim 7 file.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Sorry about that, here is a RockSim version 5 file. I shudder to think about complaining that there are too many different copies of RockSim on this computer!

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
taking a quick look you might want to attach your fins to the motor if you are going to fly it on a j350
good luck