My first MP/HP rocket

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May 25, 2004
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Well after going to my first club launch I just had to do it. I just ordered a LOC/Precision Rocket. Its called the IRIS

Fin style: To Motor Mount
Diameter: 3"
Length: 60"
Weight: 40 oz
Motors: G64, G75, G80, G104, H97, H128, H180, H220, H238, H112, H123, H242, I112, I154, I161
Parachute: 36 inch round

Cant wait to get it and start building.

Way to go Dan. I knew you'd get hooked, now your wife is probably going to kill me.:D

That should be a great kit. LOC kits are more like supersized Estes kits more or less.

Enjoy it and if you may need help with something, you know where to find me.:)
Thanks Donald, I cant wait to start it. Im going to log the build process and first flight. I hope all goes well, but if not I hope she goes down in a blaze of glory.

I have already named her. The Money Shot. :D

Im halfway through building my LOC/PRECISION VIPER 4.Im really impressed with the kit as it looks great and it should be able to take a few knocks aswell.:)

I have a Viper 4 in the bag, it just hasn't made it to the build table yet. Let me know if there are any "gotcha's" during the build or flying.