My First carbon Fiber build-Jaguar

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I documented my build of the carbon fiber reinforced jaguar here at RP and wanted to share it here at TRF.

I'm very happy with taking the basic Binder kit--a quality product enhancing it. Took it to the next level with the carbon fiber reinforcement and west systems epoxy on body and fins. Plus the nosecone reshaping and reinforcement came out pretty good.

Just need to add rail buttons and drill some shear pin holes at separation points. Will be using 0.060 styrene rod that I just got.

Planned maiden Lvl 2 launch is at MDRA this Sunday. Was gonna try a K Warp nine load but several people recommended saving that stuff for after the cert flight. I ordered a J350 for maiden and then an I1299 Warp Nine for celebration flight! Following month I'll plan to use the larger 54 mm motors.

Next project: A Binder Design custom fiberglass Devastator;)

Painted fin & nose.JPG

Jaguar completed.JPG

Jaguar complete2.JPG
Looks nice John!

Don't blink on that I1299! Will sound almost like a loud POP and the rocket will be gone!LOL

Good luck on your L2 cert!

BTW, the 'K' Warp Nine is 75mm..K1499
Unless my 'motor matrix' is outdated and there is a 54mm 'K' Warp Nine load?
Thx Panther, BTW the paint you specified for my first HPR kit, the Thug still looks good.

Yep your right K Warp 9 for 75 mm only.

I'm solidly built for the two J warp nines though. I won't blink on the I 1299 this weekend.