My Fatboy launch

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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
My Fatboy launch..
(love this little guy!)

C6-5 if I remember correctly..

Oh, and it was either my niece or nephew who puched the button..
yeah, I'm a new guy, and I have LOADS of pictures!!!

Only problem is, that they are of my other hobby.. RCF Airplanes! (and here are a few.. 'stored' for moving day!)
In fact, there are frequent qstns posted here on TRF about RC gear (what to buy, how to install, how it works) that you can be one of our experts to help answer.

Myself, I keep hoping to build a big RC rocketglider one of these days. I would like to get some up-dated info on what I need to buy for two-channel (or three) controls, and whether I can get by with 'park flyer'-type systems in a modroc. Stick around, your knowledge will be appreciated!