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Jan 9, 2004
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So I have been doing EX for a while and decided that I needed some equipment to quantify what I've been building. I had a smash lab teacher that preached getting data - or else your just flying blind. So I got some pressure transducers and made a test stand. Didn't take to long- it's made of 1/2" EMT. Not the most fancy one but it works. We tested it Labor Day. First thing we noticed was that hooking up everything was a really long process. We had our power supply on a breadboard and everything plugged in to that. To calibrate the cells we had to short wires, make sure they didn't re-short. It was a pain. And, to top it off, the wires off the pressure transducers were 2'. so our computer was less that 10' away from the action. A little close, even if it is a friends fiance's computer. AFter that round of tests I needed something that would take less than 30 minutes to set up. I came up with my "EX" Box. Everything plugs into the box so there are no loose wires. You can turn the main power on with the bottom switch and then each transducer on with the other two. The pushbuttons are for shunt calibration. And, with the new box I made the wires to the transducers 25'. I feel much better. I can now set up data recording in under 5 minutes and have some nice solid connections that I don't have to worry about. Life is good. Below are a few pics of the box.