My dynasoar rocketry X-15 Build

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May 29, 2015
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Well I tough it will be good to show that I'm actually doing rocket stuff, so let's document my X-15 build and later the launch, will be first time experience with glider. I plan to do later my own gliders with tube fuse and symmetrical airfoil.

Ok it's already started and I make filet with Hot Glue ( I builds quite few dollars stores board planes , so I'm I'm not in new water )

here the kit and I have all the stuff around to finish it and fly it ( Still don't know if I'm gone use the expensive Hitec metal gear servo or the cheap Emax, I put both on the pic and orange receiver ( compatible Spektrum ) I add 2 Spektrum transmitter to show how it’s look , But I currently fly with Futaba 18MZA, but hey, you don’t need a $ 4000 18 channels transmitter for this, receiver will be more expensive


suposed to look like this once finished

Hi, curious as to your completed weight with the hot glue, I've recommended that in any of my kits due to concern about weight. The metal gear servos aren't required, but they are definitely much better at centering and holding their trim.

Hi Frank, I used the 3M-77 for laminating, only a smear of hot glue for filets, they are not really filets, I apply the glue and wipe it right away , the hot glue make a flexible film, I also use the Bob Smith foam safe as the instructions said to use it.
I plan to make a version with a tube and balsa fins cover with FG and 2 motors at the back; will fire one at launch get altitude, make a pass in front of me and ignite the second one to climb vertically again . Quite simple with a RC relay , the receiver is already there and a LIPO , worst thing can happen is the motor don't fire . I also plan to launch one from a Planes in flight ( a RC planes of course, special design like a PT-38, but the X-15 will be the fuse instead ) The goal is eventually to make something 15 feet long all in FG.
I practice last summer with EDF jet plane ( electric turbine ) Will really help to fly the Eleveron on the X-15. You really have to anticipate as they have no real trust for climb, you need to get speed . Very different of 3D plane
I also plan to make a rocket with one in the tube and use side booster to launch and then separate, with symmetrical wings, this will really fly
I really dislike to depend on availability of farmers’ fields, when I can launch Glider at our RC club, will full MAAC insurance if it’s low power

RC relay for those who don't know .

Yes, they are heavier, but not significantly, 2-3 grams each, which given the spacing to the CG, only 6-8" is insignificant compared to the moment arm to the nose, 6 grams 6" back from cg would mean 2 grams at 18" at the nose. Insignificant.

I will not use the Metal Gear, they are more heavy