my deuce arrived today

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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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This kit is so refreshing after years of building estes single motor mount models.-Don't get me wrong I love Estes birds, this is just a nice change. The balsa nose cone, cut out your own fins out of balsa stock and the dual engines are so cool! I'm currently working on a Der Red Max clone, a baby bertha (for my 4 year old daughter) and of course my Deuces Wild which I just got. I ordered it Saturday and got it on Wendsday!-man, that's fast!!!!! My only problem is that I'm very limited on workspace. I used to work on the kitchen table but my 1 year old toddler climbs up on the table constantly. So I am now worki'n on my Deuce on the wash machine in the laundry room!!! I'm going to post a picture of my fleet soon, cuz I know how much everbody loves pictures(including myself). Oh well-I just keep building my rockets and dreamin of soon to come nicer weather. see yall!
Welcome to TRF Rob

We really like fleet pics so post away!....
The Deuce is a great kit , cluster with a twist.
Welcome Rob! Glad you got your kit in a timely manner :)

Every time we ship an order I'm in a panic about it getting to the customer and not getting lost in the mail... you can guess, i'm pretty much in a panic 24/7... LOL

You *will* enjoy it. It is a "builders" kit (as all of our kits are) and you will be proud to display and fly her :)

I got both my first Flis order yesterday (28th) too. I got the Tres and the Drake. I couldn't decide between the Deuce or the Tres.
I was considering the Deuce because I signed up to do West Virginia leg of Tour De' Deuce (Virginia was done). I wanted some good Deuce experience under my belt. But Since I wasn't sure if I would get picked or not, I went with the Tres for now. It's just such a mean looking rocket.

I also decided on the Drake when I saw REK paint his like a Mallard duck. It was such a perfect paint job, and yes, I intend to totally rip you off REK! After all, don't they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. (or something like that)

Keep me posted on the Deuce project, it may be in my next order.