My daughter working on her baby bertha

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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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My 4 year old daughter adding fin fillets to her baby bertha. She told me she "loves" her rocket!
Well, better the Baby Bertha than the Play Station! That's great that you have your young one involved in rockets.

BTW, my uncle used to say that "hen you see a good-looking child that they must have come out looking like their momma cause daddy's too ugly!" :D :p

I take it she's seen you fly some of your rockets? Either way, she'll love pushing the button and running after her Baby Bertha. Nice picture!
I was building the rocket myself and got up to answer the door, when I came back she was adding the fillets herself! I was a little worried at first,-but what the heck its her first rocket I need to let her build on it too.
Globs of glue and all...that will be the rocket you'll never lose.

Making it.

Thanks for sharing.