My daughter just got her PhD in electrical engineering - and I got this:

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That is cool, but I'm sure it doesn't measure up to your pride and satisfaction. Congrats!
I thought you were going to show us the tuition bill. This is way better! Congrats to both of you. I only got a BS in EE, I can't imagine getting a PhD.
Electrical engineering isn't a real enginee-- just kidding. Congrats! I survived my one semester of electricity and magnetism and I almost died in that. :p
Congratulations, it is a great feeling to see our kids do well. PHD, nothing to shake a stick, that's a real accomplishment.
Congratulations Carl on the neat gift...big thumbs up to Mckenzie for attaining her Doctorate too!
I'll never forget her talking about leaving MIT for Boston College. So boring that she crossed the street just to learn with a "real" hands on College! NEVER LAUGHED SO $&@#'n HARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE...:lol:

She's a keeper!;)
There is no joy greater than seeing your children succeed, except maybe to have them thank you afterwards! You got both. Treasure that!
That's really cool...
That's wonderful of her to make that for you...
Good for you both,,
and a big congrats for her as well...

. Bring it to a launch. I got some batteries, we'll power it up and see what it does...

And this is how the "Bong Death Ray" got it's start, and Wildman got a 3 foot hole in his trailer.
That's great! Congratulations to your daughter on her PhD and to you for investing in her and science.
Congratulations Carl. She's obviously dedicated and smart.

Does she have a job lined up?