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Feb 22, 2003
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I haven't shared with you what projects I'm actually working on, so heres the skinny:

I just dull-coated 2 Estes kits - Bullpup 12D and the Patriot. Both are totally finished except for attaching the chute, which will wait till I take them to the field. Finished up the Quest Tomahawk about 2 weeks ago.

Working on the vendor's components sheets, which will have a short list of companies who have components for sale. I have 12 company's listed at the moment, so this means I have a long ways to go. Not every manufacturer will be listed, simply because if I want to have a life outside of this list, I just can't. lol

Once this is done, you'll be able to open up the master sheet - which is essentially a table with company name on the left side, and columns for each of the components.

IF a company carries a product an X appears in that corresponding column, if not, the word NO appears.

See the attached gif image below for a sample of the Master listing
So if you need body tubes, currently you can open the Master listing - shown above and see that of the 12 companies listed, 9 of them carry nosecones. 3 others are listed, but in this case they are do not carry them. Example:

Totally Tubular X
Aerotech Consumer Aerospace X
LOC Precision X
Giant Leap Rocketry X
Balsa Machining Service X
Red Arrow Hobbies X
FlisKits Products X
Adept Rocketry NO
Gwiz Flight Computers NO
Sky Angle NO
Semroc X

In this next example, say you want a body tube from Aerotech, open the Airframe components listing, and scroll to their products:

See example attachment..
Finally, understand I've reduced the quality of these images to attach them here. Included below is a sample Aerotech listing in proper color and size.
Lastly, if a company has images of their products, I've included them where they belong. This is a sample from Semroc's centering ring listing.


one question,can we see (yes) instead of (X)? i find X to be confusing,at first look. keep up the good work,looking forward to seeing the finished list.............jerry.

Sure, I can change that easily. Didn't really think anything about using yes instead of X..

Thanks for the suggestion,