My contributions to this weekend's ROCC launch

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Mar 23, 2011
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Thought I'd report on my flying today @ Tripoli Charlotte. I haven't flown in a while! Not since September @ O-Berg. Making time for this launch was a birthday present to myself (I turn 18 tomarrow...certing next month!). Not many fliers today. I hung out with Ralph (our prez and prefect), and some other guys including frodo from the forum. I had my IQSY Tomahawk on a G40-10 and my Big Bertha (stock size) on an Ellis G35-10 ready to go, but the wind was HOWLING. No high flights today. So I put up my disposable plate bodied saucer called "Well Identified Flying Piece of Crap" (it looks like hell...built like a tank) on an E9. Nice, slow, fun, struggling flight. Next came my Naked Shadow IV (Estes Shadow w/three 18mm outboards and no paint) on 3 A8-3's and a thermalite airstarted D12. Cool and scary flight. The A's barely lifted the rocket (the wind was NOT helping here either) about 20 ft., and then it started to lay over as the wind blew it downrange. Then the D lit and it flew off downrange about 500 ft. (about 100ft in the air) and barely made it back with a three second delay. However, it all worked perfectly and came back perfectly fine. Very cool to watch, too. Next was Wonderboy on 4 C6's thermalite airstarting an F21W. To make sure she got up in the air I used Daveyfires and a little BP to light the C's. Despite my careful planning, everything worked right....EXCEPT THE F21 DIDN'T LIGHT! What happens when the main motor and the only one connected to the recovery system doesn't light? Lawn dart. Even the most perfectly laid plans seem to go awry. Not under my control....everything worked as designed. C's lit, thermalite burned, but the F21 must have cuffed in the air. Oh well...I had to be at work at 4, so it was time to leave. But right before I left I convinced Ralph to let me stuff an F21 in my saucer. He threw it on the pad for me as I packed up and launched it first in the rack. Perfect! Right straight up and a bit into the wind, fighting itself and making a sweet smoke pattern. It floated down and landed about 50 ft. away. Then I was off. A fun day at the launch and a good birthday treat.
F21's look like they are going to be stubborn motors. I flew a cluster of 7 and only 3 lit using Thermalite igniters. The rocket ejected just as it was impacting:(
Was that in your Ultimate, Tom? I assume so. Yeah, I was using thermalite was an airster. Rocket was wasted, but I'm gonna try to rebuild for next month or just build a newer, stronger one. I'll still use thermalite, but I'll pyrogen coat it. And now that you mention it, it did take a good three seconds to light up in my Saucer. Oh well, that's part of rocketry!