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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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Just a pic of my rocketry work area..........lets see some of yours.
I like the flame decals on the Fat Boy. I put similar, if not identical, decals on the Baby Bertha I just finished. :)
Mine isnt that cluttered but ill post some pics later.
mine is nasty, and the worst part is, the desk is covered with years of CA, Elmers, Epoxy, Bondo, and so on so there is a chunky textured layer.

It is kinda cool though, there is a spot on my floor that is covered with epoxy from fiberglassing so the floor looks like it has glass on it.
I have a messy work area also. I build and also store my rockets in my bedroom which happens to look like a fireworks factory since I've built so many over the years.

Ryan S, if you thought your desk was bad, mine is about 10 times worse:D
LOL I dont kknow....the whole area is a mess, its actually becoming a problem because the furnace is sucking up dust. We should have a contest; who has the messiest desk. ;)
this thread came up awhile ago...

mine... well... take that desk... and chuck all the stuff on the floor... then cover the floor of a room with it so you cant walk in it... yah...
I'd need a fish-eye to capture all the junk in my room... i don't even want to talk about it... LOL

I used to have a gag gift I'd give to people like me... It was a ruler used to locate *stuff* on your desk... Instead of inches, it measured off days in a logarithmic scale...

If you're looking for something from a week ago, just dip the ruler in to the 7 day mark, reach in and there it is... LOL