My Cape Byron Rocketry Apanina Build

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Interesting build. Does Cape Byron Rocketry still sell the Apanina kit? I've searched the web but there web site seems to be under construction.

The web site is certainly 'under construction', and there is a new batch of Apanina kits planned for the near future. We're primarily farmers, so the rocketry business is a secondary concern.

If you send me a message at [email protected] I'll add you to the mailing list and you'll get all the updates on re-stocking and new releases. 🤠
I highly recommend it. Quality all the way.
Although I just came across your build thread today, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Your attention to detail, Wally, is commendable. Your grandson (and I!) have an outstanding mentor!
I, too, used an applicator for CA-coating airframe ends; the cotton swab concept will improve my builds.
Your nose-cone-to-airframe junction, once finished, was awesome.
Silver pinstripe tape beats paint, in my hands, every day.
If one does not mind fin thickness, card stock is another option when papering fins. (I like to use thin epoxy when doing so, beneath flat compression of the paper-to-balsa entity during curing.)
Mal, you've designed a good-looking, well-planned model, and this build thread was very interesting! Once my build pile is somewhat diminished (currently at 30, +-5), hopefully your website will be up and running!