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Jan 18, 2009
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I had to laugh but I Think my 3 year old wants me to put two 38mm motors on it because he stuck two extention cords one in each rear wheel then gets on it and says (tee too ton) then makes a goofy noise then takes off :D
sounds really cute! ... this being TRF, can you post some pix?

maybe you two men can make a few tricycle rocket motors with some extra tubes, tape 'em on, etc.
Uh oh. You know the (probably apocryphal) Darwin Award story of the guy who found a JATO and strapped it to his car right? You can find it here. Watch out you don't find yourself with a preschool Darwin Award asprant! :eek:

You gotta build two really strong tubes... maybe even metal.. tack weld 'em to the rear lower step... like the "USS ENTERPRISE"

It's a start....

My Dad used to tell me that in his youth ... they would tap and mount spark plugs into the rear exhaust pipes...power it with an extra coil...switch on the dash...

Apparently he would run his motor real rich. When he accelerated he would flip the switch... and Bam... flames shooting out the rear...

Gonna try that someday...LOL
hey stewart it dose work ive done it on my OLDS it looks cool with deule running out the rear