My Biggest motor to date...

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May 2, 2009
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Just a little field, but my last APCP motor (non-reload) was a G40-4
I loaded it into the initiator and sent it up...
that thing hauled butt to, according to the motor matrix, around 2100', kind of high for our field, but it made it down in the same field we were in!

here's a couple shots, the G40 shot all i got was smoke and a little flame, so here's a shot on an F20-4.



we flew it 3 times today, F20-4 twice and G40-4 once...a little short on the delay with the G motor, but it all stayed together.
Nice shot! Good to hear you had three successful launches in a row on an AT kit as well, given the earlier
Originally posted by Loopy
Nice shot! Good to hear you had three successful launches in a row on an AT kit as well, given the earlier

five launches, two birds...
2 - F20-4
2 - F20-7
1 - G40-4W

i was pretty happy about it, too!
Yeh a 4 delay on a G40 in the Initiator is a little early...

Love our Initiator on the F20's, nice flight, stays low enough to be in view the whole

FYI I believe the G40 puts you over the 16oz so notifications should be made to FAA when you're flying it with that one...

Congrats on the nice flights and awesome liftoff pic !!!
i knew there was SOMETHING i was forgetting...

actually, since the Initiator Disaster, i beefed up the motor mount...looks like it is over 1lb with ANY motor installed...

i love my Initiator.
my first G launch... (G80-10 a little long on the delay) ...
3,2,1... did anyone see that? anybody got a trac on that? me neither. :(

of course there were only 4 of us on the launch site at the time.
someone with a pickup truck thought he had a track on it. jumped in, went for a ride, searched for a half hour, i gave it up for lost, the pick up driver came back awhile later with it over his shoulder, said if it hadn't been beeping he would have never have found it! and to think that i almost decided that with such a big field i didn't really need to turn the beeper on! DUH! buy a beeper! use it! you will be SO bummed if you own a beeper and still lose a rocket because you didn't use it! ...ah, what was this thread about?