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Rocket Al

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Jan 19, 2009
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I would like to publicly apologize to bswan72 and the readers of the forum for the discord I may have caused with my statements in the Rebar Rocketry thread. The moderators informed me that BeRocketScience was, in fact, not a pseudonym for bswan72, and that the individual wanted people to think it was, for some strange reason.

I jumped to a conclusion, and made a perfect a$$ of myself, which is pretty much out of character for me. So I humbly beg forgiveness of the forum members for starting such a mess, and particularly bswan72 and BRS Hobbies. I never intended to start such a flame war; that is usually reserved for RMR, and I usually don't start them there, either. I have already sent a PM to bswan72, and the genleman is such a class act that he's already cool about it, which makes me feel like an even bigger jerk.

Thank you very much for your indulgence. I now return you to your regularly scheduled topics.

(My real name)


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Mar 31, 2009
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Takes a big man to step up to the plate and offer up a public apology. My hat's off to you. I'm blad you two worked this out. You've both responded to this situation admirably.