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Len B

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Jan 19, 2009
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BC, Canada
I've been working on a Big Daddy (aka Very Bad Daddy) for a while. My idea was to make one that looks just like a regular kit except for the bottom view. I'm making it with a 54mm motor mount. I thought I would post some pictures of mine under construction. I'm happy to see that someone else on TRF has successfully launched one like it on a J as I intend to use a CTI J210. There are a few gaps in the construction photos but I will get back on it. Next time, I'll do a better job of documenting construction. This one is a pretty easy build though.

The first picture is of the stock Estes tube with a layer of carbon fiber inside the tube. It was pretty easy to do with an appropriate sized ballon. This technique is going to help me with another rocket I am working on.

Len Bryan
Here is a photo of the nose cone with carbon fiber inside it. I just cut it up into parabolic pieces and layered them over one another. Later, I built up the shoulder with a couple of layers as I need to shave the outside of the cone to fit the decreased diameter of the body tube.

Len Bryan
The next photo shows a picture of the body tube with the motor sitting beside it. This gives a bit of an idea how this may be a challenge later on when I try to stuff a parachute in there somewhere!

This photo shows the motor inside the tube with a fit together assembly of the MMT and the shock cord. (prior to shortening the cord)

Should be an interesting flight. Hope you get that casing back ;)
Clearly, the timer and the parachute will have to be installed in the nose cone. Thank goodness the cone is large enough to hold this stuff. I'm using the Perfectflite timer for this. I'll have to take the motor based charge out as the rocket will coast for too long. Also, I think the Pro-54 charge might be a bit strong for such a small compartment. 8-]

Here is a pic of the fins. Same size as the Estes fins but made from aircraft plywood. They will be covered in a layer of carbon fiber also. (Half done) That's it for the photos for now.

Is it O.K. to post these like this? Let me know if I should stop.

Len Bryan
very cool, I saw a J210 in a minumum diamter rocket once, it was sweet, and a nice long burn. that thing should haul
Originally posted by rstaff3
Should be an interesting flight. Hope you get that casing back ;)

Oh, me too! RockSim says it will hit 7985 feet and hit a max. velocity of 771 mph on the J210.

I plan to fly it on several other smaller motors with adapters first. The F101 should be fun. That motor is estimated to take it to 1400 feet and travel at 253 mph. A Pro-38 G79SS is going to be the first flight I think.

Originally posted by Len B

Is it O.K. to post these like this? Let me know if I should stop.

Len Bryan

Len, post away! We love pictures! Nice work!