My 1st BP burning of '04 (at last!)

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Jan 19, 2009
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I've been looking out the window, waiting for a chance to launch some rockets, since the New Year. I've been building furiously, and the finished rockets have been shouting at me to get them launched.

Today, the weather was ok, and I wasn't at work; so a-launching I went! :D

I didn't was to push my luck too much on the 1st launch of the year, so I only took three low fliers with me. This was the first launch, for me, with my new Estes launch pad (what I got from an (almost) RTF Star-Wars Driod-Fighter kit off e-bay). Until now I've been using a crappy Quest pad.

1st up: The maiden flight of my Fliskits Overdrive on a 1/2A3-2. She SHOT up there, beautifully straight, the ejection popped, and she fell safely back to earth a few meters away from me.

Next: The maiden flight of my Fliskits Caution - Rocket Launch in Progress on an A8-3. She took off ok, but the nosecone sepparated after motor burn out, and she fell (unharmed) back to earth, smoking away - the ejection charge going off just before she landed. I think the nosecone/bodytube join was too loose. As this was my last A8-3, I didn't try flying her again. I will when I get more supplies in.

Last (but by no means least): The Star-Wars Droid-Fighter which came with my new launch pad, on a Quest C6-3. I really didn't hold up much hope for this rocket. The plastic model of a Droid-Fighter is just clipped onto the side of a conventional rocket, to launch - a bit of a cheat.
I had attracted a small crowd, by now - mostly Grandads, not little kids, for a change. So this launch had an audience. The launch did not disapoint. The Quest motor was typically 'sparkey' and 'smokey'; and the rocket took off slowly, with a satisfying roar. The flight reminicent of a Fliskits Drake. The 'chute deployed on cue, to a round of applause from the gathered people. I'm most impressed with this puppy.

Although the crowd wanted more, I packed up at that point, and went home. Stopping off at my local Costcutter for a Cigar to celebrate the afternoon's success. I'm glad I did pack up when I did, 'cos it had started raining when I came out of the shop.

Time to get my motors re-stocked for the coming good weather.