my 1st 2 stager

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Dec 30, 2003
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spent the day making my 1st 2 stage rocket yesterday

Estes Renegade

all i need is a nice day to start the paint and see if it flys .
last 1

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sorry i to fast again

got this about 4 times today LOL

got to love cable
That is a very nice rocket. When I build mine, I think I will go with a 24mm booster motor, and dual 13mm motors in the side pods to deploy a recovery system.
That Renegade looks the business !! Keep us updated with how its going .......

You have a very interesting interpretation of the Renegade. But if you look at the instructions again, I think you will notice that the wings (the big fins, with the BT5-sized tip pods) are supposed to be the other way around.
The wings are forward-swept on this design. When in that position, I think you will also get a much better fit of the tip pods. They should be in alignment with the main body tube.
Your version, with the fin area basically moved aft, should be super stable. I have not gotten as far on the assembly of mine as you have, so you are probably going to fly first. Let us know how your Renegade flies!
Don't know about the Renegade yet, but for my Screamin Mimi I built it with the pod fins swept back instead of forward as shown on the kits plans. Personally I think it was a good decision.
I haven't got a Renegade yet, but when I get one I'm sure I'll contemplate the same decision.
So Corpse, intentional or not, it may at least make it easier for me and others to decide which way we want to go.
We'll have to put together some pics for comparison.
Looks good. Can't wait to see it painted.


i should of had a beer or 4 before making it .
The Renegade looks REAL cool! I was thinking of getting one but I am worried that with all of those pods and nose cones that that booster is going to hit very hard. Has anyone flown one yet?
all painted and ready to fly.

paint by Vicious thanks Butch !

thanks for the info about the fins
but it was allready being painted
just hope it will still fly. LOL
Very nice Corpse. I remember my first 2 stage, Estes Apache 2. Man that thing flew great. Still have the booster section, that's all.
The best one I ever had was my Omega, I can see it arcing out of sight.....dang that was a nice one.
I still have my original Commanche 3, but got a new one and gave it a little different color scheme. That is also a fun one to fly, highly recommended, but I have to drive 100 miles to launch at Lucerne or I'll never get it back.
I currently have 2 that haven't flown, Magnum and a Custom Lightnin'. Both attempted, but the Magnum booster engine CATO'D and sent it sideways, really weird, nice flame out though. I have been able to fix. The Lightinin' was poorly made, I dunno must a been distracted, so as a result of a short coupler connection I had to tape the booster to the main stage and it burned right thru the booster. Not a good flight, but fins are in tact and certainly very fixable.
If you want another fun 2 stager, the CC Express I recommend as well. It flies great. Will post pictures of Commanche 3 later but here's my Magnum.
Be careful not to tease him to much...

Cruelty to a corpse is a crime ;)

You can loose your LEUP over this.... :eek:
Let me know how it flies...I have two in bags still and my boy is drooling to build them! ;)

Originally posted by kelltym88
Very nice Corpse.

That has *got* to be the most unusual statement I've ever seen in a forum...



Now thats funny ! LMMFAO
was hopping to fly it this week , but it is going to rain .
if it keeps raining the place Vicious
and i fly mite be flooded.
the lake is waaaaaay up there.
some places its about a foot or two from the road and when the wind comes up its in the road.

hope to have vid of 1st launch
if i do i'll post a link.
I went out Thursday to fly some of mine and the place was part of the lake, it won't be dry enough to fly for two weeks easy! I could only see the top 2' of some of the poles, it's a mess!

hay Butch
i think its time was shoot them off in my back yard and see if we can make it out to the lake .
soooooo come on over.
you just better hope I DON'T flood.