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Scott Evil

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Nov 15, 2009
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My T-Shirt hasn't been sent (unless my wife hid it for christmas).

I know things got kind of complicated with the postponement and all, anybody know who I should get a hold of?

A friend stopped over yesterday (Sat.) he also ordered a shirt and did not recieve it. He was wondering the same thing. I suggested trying to get a hold of someone thru the MWP website????
I'll give that a try real quick, I'm just not so sure if anyone's even checking that account now it's been while after the event. Won't hurt to try though.

Midwest Power t shirts are usually picked up at the launch.
As far as I know no provisions for shipping them have ever been planned.
That said I know that some orders were set aside for those who paid for their shirts and didn't show up. I would call, not email, the Wildman. He has all the shirts. Oh, and do not delay, the more time goes by the less he's going to remember about who ordered stuff.
Thanks Guys,

Issue resolved, Justin and Tim e-mailed me back right away yesterday morning. Tim has the shirts put to the side.